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All you need to know about Yazd Fire Temple

You must know that Yazd has a very religious context and is famous for this. The majority of Yazd’s Muslims are highly religious and ethical-minded, and it is interesting to know that among the majority of Muslim believers, most of the Zoroastrians of Iran also live in this city, which also has a strong belief in their own religion and practices. Zoroastrianism was the first monotheistic religion adopted by the Iranians and was almost extinguished by the Arab invasion of the first century AH except for a small flame that remained in the same fire temple. Before we go into further explanation of this attraction, we need to go back a little. As you know, during the Sassanid era the official religion of Iran was Zoroastrianism. The followers of this religion were monotheistic and followed the prophet Zoroaster. In the culture of this religion, fire is sacred and symbolizes the greatness and power of the unique God. For this reason, they always kept a fire in a place called a fire and always tried to keep it lit. After the Arab invasion and the destruction of the sacred Zoroastrian sites, one of the sacred fires was secretly taken by the Zoroastrian priests to Yazd in Fars and was moved to Yazd towns and villages for various periods of time in order to avoid war and destruction. Keep the opposition safe. During the First Pahlavi period, with the help of the Indian Parsi Association (a group of Iranians who fled to India during the Arab invasion of Iran), the current building of the Zoroastrian Fire temple was erected in Yazd and the holy fire was sheltered there. The fire temple is the name of a type of Zoroastrian worship where the fire is found in a special place and the most important religious worship, including the reading of the Avesta and the Gathas, takes place in front of the fire. Bahram Yazd Fire temple is the site of the holy fire of the Zoroastrians and their place of worship. According to senior Zoroastrians, the sacred fire was first transferred from the Varian Pars Fire to the Yazd complex, where it was kept for 700 years. The fire was then brought to Ardakan, Turkey, where it was lit for 300 years until it was transferred to Yazd, where it is believed that the sacred fire is reported to be over 1500 years old.

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The ritual of going to the fire temple

Since the Zoroastrian is a sacred place for the Zoroastrians, therefore, the entrance to this place of worship has always been associated with rituals, including the sanctity of men and women; Second, women in certain periods cannot enter it. Third, men should wear white hats and women should wear white scarves and light-colored clothing. The sacred fire, symbolizing purity, is kept inside a large bronze furnace behind a glass enclosure. This fire is located above the ground where one person is responsible for keeping it lit. The person is known as “hirbad” preserves this fire several times daily by adding a piece of dry and durable wood and discharges the unused fuel ash when needed. Visitors can see this fire from behind the glass, as no human breath should come into contact with pure fire. Keeping this fire lit is appealing to all tourists, as they see the glass of fire from behind the glass, they also smell some of the smell.

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The architecture of the temple

In the middle of the courtyard, the style of the fire temple is influenced by the architecture of the Persian fire temple and is about 21 meters higher than the ground level. From time immemorial, fireplaces were simple, glittering buildings, and usually, no decorations were found in any of them. Yazd Fire temple follows the same principle and was inspired by the architecture of the Parsi Indian Fire and Achaemenid architecture, especially Persepolis. Another feature of the fireplaces is the presence of water next to them, which can be seen in the structure of all these buildings, so there is a circular water pool adjacent to the Yazd Fire temple building, which was built to further sanctify the space. Another feature of the Zoroastrian Yazd Fire temple is that the walls inside are also decorated with Zoroastrian illustrations and passages from the Avesta Bible. Today there are fewer people to enter the city of Yazd and not visit the fire. The Zoroastrians have opened the door for everyone to extend a hand of friendship to the people and to showcase some of their cultures by giving them the opportunity to visit the Yazd Fire temple.

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