Vegetarian Iranian Foods? Why & How?!!

Eating food is one of the most significant and also interesting parts of human beings. There are a variety of food and food charts which people choose by their knowledge & desires. Some people just eat prefer meat more although some others prefer to avoid eating meat. This is how vegetarianism formed; meaning those who prefer vegetables more than meat.

The people who just eat vegetable and avoid eating meat which it includes of fish, eggs, dairy products such as milk and cheese and whatever which is originally from the animals are calling vegetarian and need to mention that this type of eating is especially for moral, religious, or health reasons.

The earliest record of vegetarianism comes from the 7th century . it might be interesting to know that some of the vegetarians believe not to even wear costumes such as leather , silk or fur cause they believe in not killing the animals even for dress .

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A guide to vegetarian Iranian foods & restaurants in Tehran

Same as the other part of the world, there are lots of people in Iran who obey the vegan and vegetarianism methods. if you as a tourist visit Iran, for having dinner or lunch you need to hit lots of the items which is mention in the menu of restaurants and you should finish it up with a salad without any dressing and Sause , that’s why there are some special restaurants in Iran which you as a vegetarian can choose to be safe for eating. the nutrition of food is really important, especially for those people you really care about their diet , that’s why we are going toy introduce some of these restaurants in the Tehran capital of Iran.

vegetarian Iranian Foods Restaurants :

Ground restaurant :

As a really suitable vegetarian restaurant within Tehran’s heartland, the ground restaurant is worth to taste. This restaurant is operating under the slogan “whole vegetable food nonviolent food “. It might be a great choice for you as a vegan or vegetarian to eat healthy and high-quality foods in this restaurant.

Address :pardisan st , simaye iran st , phase 5 , shahrak e gharb , Tehran

Ananda restaurant café :

Ananda restaurant is open since 2006. During all these years this restaurant tried to prepare various types of vegetarian dishes including local and international dishes and to promote vegetarian culture among Iranian people. Even though  general idea defines vegetarian food as a boiled vegetables, this restaurant proved that various colorful dished may be prepared and served without using meat . The next eye-catching thing about Ananda is its ever-green atmosphere . it’s a great choice to visit and take apart for a food as a vegan here .

Address : no 18 , south ekhtiyarieh , Tehran

Pure restaurant :

Pure vegetarian cuisine is one of the greatest and beautiful green restaurants in Tehran. this restaurant is realy famous for its special decoration and using the great matrials for their foods. the cozy and warm and cute place with kind workers can be a great choice for you as a vegan traveler .also its good to know that On Thursday and Friday there’s breakfast.

Address : 35, ASP Complex, South Sheikh Bahaie St, TehranIran

Mehre mitra restaurant :

Mehre Mitra is among the best Iranian vegetarian restaurants. With awsome interior design and serving different types of traditional vegan  food . The very friendly waiters serve you the food in beautiful artistically decorated plates with warm homemade flatbread. All the drinks with their lovely names are healthy and very tasty! If you want to choose a vegan restaurant , Mehre Mitra should be your choice .

Address: Baasti Blvd, Imam Khomeini Blvd, Lavasan | Basti Blv, Imam Khomeini Blv, Tehran

Vegetarian house of artists:

Built inside Honarmandan Park in downtown Tehran, this charming and quiet restaurant is a good choice for vegetarians and vegans as it serves the vegetarian version of a number of famous Iranian dishes such as Kebab or Ghormeh Sabzi. The menu also includes vegetarian pizzas and pastas. The restaurant is also popular for its soft drinks, traditional Iranian herbal teas and distillates. It has a balcony and you can enjoy fresh air and quiet of the park while savoring your food.

Address : Taleghani St., Iranshahr St., Iranshahr park, Iran Artists Forum

Banyan tree restaurant :

Banyan café and restaurant is one of the most attractive and beautiful and healthy restaurants which you can choose for eating in . what is important about this restaurant is that , there is no white sugar or preserved ingredients. all of the foods and all the dishes make by natural and fresh materials, so if you are a vegetarian these restaurants seems a wise choice.

Address : Shariati, Tehran 11369 Iran

Tilit restaurant :

Tilit restaurant is a great place with spectacular interior design and decoration  , this restaurant offers a various menu with different type of vegan and vegetarian foods with high quality , there are a lot of home made pickles , traditional yogurt , salad and fresh bread and also in this peaceful place , vegetable dizi served by an awesome round fit  . you can choose this great place for eating as a vegan

Address : mesbah alley , north saadi st.

Zamin vegan restaurant :

A place for organic vegan food. Different selections of dishes including soups, and Persian food (vegan chelokabob and jojehkabob). Also prepare some organic stuffs like brown rice, juice, and pastries .  a beautiful place and great environment can force you to join there for eating as a vegan .

Address : Pardisan apartment buliding, Sima-ye-Iran Street, Shahrak-e- Gharb, TehranIran

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