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As one of the most traditional services of Espad Travel which is still considering as a best seller service within Iran travel services, Iran train can be highly noted. As the official representative of the national train company of Iran , “RAJA”, we’re able to provide you with the train tickets for the whole routes of Iran. In this article we’re trying to provide you with an ultimate guide for the train routes of Iran in addition to the train type. Not only non-iranian travelers, but also Iranian tourists who travels within the borders of the country are also using the train for their travels. As an important notice, just be aware of the fact that Iranian trains are not that accustomed with international standards of trains quality; but, they are still enough appropriate to let you travel within the extended iran in a way to be comfortable.

تور زمینی مشهد با قطار فدک

Train Types

1- four bed Trains

As one of the most famous trains all over the world, 4 bed trains are also considering as a majority here in Iran. This specific type of trains in Iran are providing the services within the below different types:

  • Ghazal 4-bed Train

Ghazal is the name of a high quality train of Iranian railway system. To be known as a luxurious and modern train within 4-bed trains of Iran. Ghazal can be a really good option if you’re looking for a convenient travel through the rail ways of Iran. Within each wagon of this train there are 9 coupes which are providing brilliant place to do rest while being en route.

  • Plor Sabz 4-bed Train

As another luxurious train of Iranian railway system, Poor Sabz can be one of the notable options. While traveling by this type of trains, there is no evidence of any vibrations or any irritating noise of the rails, this is how you can easily take a rest or spend your time within it’s restaurants. It may be interesting to know that this type of trains are being produced in Iran; but it’s totally luxurious and high quality. 

2- Fadak ( 5 star trains )

If you’re looking for a high-tech western style trains for your trip within the borders of Iran, without any doubt Fadak trains is the only option. Just imagine to be within the first class part of a famous international airline, the experience of Fadak trains is absolutely the same. This trains in Iran is know as the moving 5 star hotel which is running by a speed over 2000 km/h.

Iranian Trains Routes


How to book trains in Iran

Although there are some online systems who are selling Iran train tickets, but there is non of them which is connected to any International banking systems. As a result there is no chance for non-Iranians to book and buy any train tickets in iran, this is why you need to be in-touch with an Iranian travel agency or tour operator who is registered as a representative of selling Iran train tickets, like Espad Travel. Just let us know where you’re exactly going to on which date through the below booking form, our train consultants will immediately contact you in order to provide you with your tickets as well.

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