Iran Ferry

Being surrounded by the seas which are connected to the high seas is considered as one of the key points for development of tourism foundations. Iran is surrounded by the seas located in the South and the North. Each vicinity to the seas refers to the more extended connections through neighbor countries.

Persian Gulf and Oman Sea are considered as the major connector of the Persian Gulf countries to Iran. If you have wisely decided to enter Iran by ferry, be aware of being provided with the safe and convince transportation service. The majority of these transporting systems are providing by Valfajr shipping company. Beside the transportation of passengers, cargo transportations are also possible to be provided.

To be informed more about the routes and locations, please take a look at the below charts:


In order to book any tickets on this routes please fill the below application form and wait for the most prompt reply from our correspondence team. The other key role of entering to the land of beauty, Iran, is to go through Caspian Sea. It connects you to the all Caspian Sea neighbor countries so safe and comfortable.

The below chart embraces the transportation routes to/from Iran through Caspian Sea.

In order to be informed about the time tables and the prices, don’t hesitate to fill the below application form below.

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