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The extended and lovely country of Iran is vast in a way if you want to go pass through the northern part to the southern part of it by a road trip, it’ll take more than 36 hours! So, to be accustomed with different transportation services can make you alerted for the way to organize your future trip to Iran. Although Espad Travel is going to suggest you not to fall yourself in a trouble and take one of Iran tours which is including the whole required services; but for those who are interested in organizing different sectors of their travel to Iran by themselves, Espad Travel has prepared this ultimate guide.

In general, Buses in Iran are belonging to some transportation companies who are providing this type of services to those who are interested in road trips. Not to compare with Iranian aircraft’s which has been explained within Iran Flights ultimate guide, buses in Iran are mostly new and totally safe and they’re in two specific types which are going to be mentioned below:

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1. VIP buses ( First Class Buses)

Mostly from Volvo and Scania brands, VIP buses in Iran are 25-seat buses which are considering as the best buses in iran. They have convertible seats which can be altered to half-bed position. In this type of bus, you’ll have one meal, mostly dinner in addition to the some Tv settled in the middle of the bus to entertain you through the route.

In general bus tickets in Iran are cheap in a way you can’t ever believe. But you may think that the vip buses should be much more expensive than the normal ones; it’s not! VIP buses ticket fee is that different from the normal ones just about 1-2 euros, so it’s more logical to be provided with a bus to be able to sleep through the journey.

2. Normal buses

This type of Iran buses is possessing 44 seats within a cabin by the same size as the VIP buses, as result, it’s obvious that there is no possibility of half-bed seats in addition to the fact that the distance between each row of the seats are notably less than VIP buses. In general Espad travel is no going to recommend this type of buses for any trip; but in case if you couldn’t find any VIP bus for your trip between Iranian cities, hesitate to choose this type of bus for a trip more than 6 hours; as it’ll be so so hard to bare.

Important hint!

Whether you’ve bought the ticket of VIP bus and the normal one, Espad Travel is going to provide you with a hint which will make your trip more economic in addition to be more convenient. As the majority of Iranian touristic cities are not located that much close to each other; if you’re planning for a road trip choose those buses that are running through the night and there are many many options ahead of you through each specific route you’re going to. This overnight bus will let you reduce one night hotel booking in addition to let you sleep through the route and to be board of long lasting trips.

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