Iran Flights

Iran is an entirely vast country which is considered as one of the greatest countries of the Middle-East. The majority of highlighted Iranian cities are not located in the vicinity of each other, this why if you don’t use Iran domestic flights, you’re going to wast a lot of time while passing through those cities which are really far away from each other. For example, it takes more than 36 hours to go to the city of Kerman ( South- Eastern part of Iran) to Tabriz ( North – Western part of Iran). As a result, It’ll be some time saving to use Iran domestic flights to be transferred within different cities.

Although the aircrafts which are running Iran domestic flights are not that young, but their prices are so affordable; as a result, using Iran domestic flights are considering more suitable for the travelers regards to Iran travel budget.

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Is it safe to travel by airplane in Iran?

Although there are some bad news of Iran’s aviation industry for some few years, but the reality is not this very bad. In each day hundreds of flights are running and there’s not specific problem. Just the only issue about the current domestic flights is some long lasting delay because of the International sanction on Iran and the lack of technical tools to repair the aircrafts.

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