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Shiraz has a rich and valuable treasure trove of Zandieh history, and the corner of the city is a fascinating and spectacular work that introduces us to a part of Shiraz and Iran. The Vakil Mosque, also known as the Sultanate Mosque, is one of the Zandiyah relics in Shiraz, built by order of Karim Khan Zand. The mosque, one of Shiraz’s most famous sights, is located west of the Vakil Market. The unique architecture of the Vakil Mosque in Shiraz has made it one of the most popular Iranian mosques, with many domestic and foreign tourists visiting Shiraz every year. The Vakil Mosque is 11,000 square meters and is made of two porches; its two south and east niches have multiple spiral stone pillars that are suggested to take your camera and capture lasting images of the harmony and symmetry of the 48 amazing mosque columns in your camera frame. These columns are beautifully carved and in addition to beautifying the bed, they also have the task of enhancing the strength of the building. The South Shabestan area is 5,000 square meters with a 14-story marble staircase, integrated by Karim Khan’s order from Maragheh. The most famous part of the Shiraz Vakil Mosque is located in the northern part and around it is one of the Qur’anic suras written in the excellent third line and includes two carved tiles. This vault, the entrance to the great chancel, and the entrance hall are some of the most magnificent and fortified arches made in Iran and valuable examples of Iranian masterpieces. The attractive colors of the arches and jerseys of the Shiraz Vakil Mosque in the form of seven-colored tiles with Islamic designs and bergamot and flower give this part a beautiful appearance. You may be interested to know that there is an inscription in this part of the mosque on which the date of 1243 is based. Visiting Shiraz Vakil Mosque introduces the viewer to a huge collection of Iranian Islamic architectural and artistic elements; tiling, calligraphy, mosaic, Muqarnas, carving, painting, and other arts are just a part of the beauty of this amazing mosque. If we miss it on a trip to Shiraz.

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Vakil Mosque History

Many of us know Karim Khan Zand, the monarch who built monuments in Iran under his rule and left a precious legacy. The city of Shiraz was his headquarters and was always in the king’s attention. During his rule, he transformed the city into one of the most eye-catching and prosperous places of the time and built stunning buildings there. Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bath, and Vakil Market are residences from the time they are known as the Vakil Collection. According to the documents, the date of construction of the mosque goes back to the year 1187 AH. Information from ancient Iranian writings shows that the architects and builders of the Vakil Mosque were building this religious monument while building the square and market. Historical quotations and texts suggest that the mosque was renovated by Hussein Ali Mirza Farmanfarma, son of Fath Ali Shah Qajar. Some of the arched tiles have also been renovated by the Department of Conservation of Antiquities, and funds have been allocated for refurbishing them after the revolution.

Access to Vakil Mosque

The mosque is located in the Darb-e-Shahzadeh neighborhood, the current Taleghani Street, and between the Vakil Bath and the Vakil Bazaar. It’s true that it’s easy to find with Google Maps and mobile apps, but we’ll explain how to get there. You can take a walk to the Vakil Mosque from Shiraz Municipality Square. The Municipal Square is an important and popular city square that is very used for addressing. Easily possible. Just take the bus or subway to Zand Street from the east of Karimkhani to the east until you reach Taleghani Street and the Vakil Mosque and Bath Complex.

vakil mosque espadtravel

Ticket and opening hours

Entrance ticket for Iranian tourists: 2 thousand tomans

Entrance ticket for foreign tourists: 20 thousand tomans

Visiting days: Every day of the week except Fridays

Hours of Spring and Summer 8:30 to 21:30 – Fall and Winter 8:30 to 20:30

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