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Vakil Bazaar; A Must See in Shiraz!

The Vakil bazaar complex is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Shiraz, located in the central part of the city, near the municipal square. Like many of Shiraz’s historical monuments, the Vakil bazaar is lending its beauty to the Zandiyah era and the Karim Khan era, a period of peace that made the city’s art and culture grow ever greater. About the purpose of building this market, Karim Khan is said to have traveled to the city of Lar to visit the Kaisariyeh market and has decided to build a commercial center in Shiraz downtown. The Vakil market quickly gained prominence among Shirazi’s and merchants. With over 21,000 square meters of market space, this market shows its greatness in the past and present. This market was built by the best architects of its time between the citadel of Androni Karimkhani and since it is inspired by the markets of Isfahan and Lar, its architecture is very similar to the Safavid architecture. Brick, plaster, and lime were the materials used to build this massive and magnificent building; and the strength of the building was partly due to the use of these materials on carved boards, to the extent that severe earthquakes could not be harmed. . The basic structure of the Vakil market is one of its important features, which comprises its four main orders, namely, North, South, East, and West. The intersection of these lines has formed the famous market square. Foursquare decorated with earrings, arches, and corners. The Vakil market is full of orders in which different sellers and traders operate (textile dealers, swordsmen, crusaders, carpets, perfumes, etc.). The interesting thing about this market is its special lighting that differs from other Iranian markets. Ceiling holes prevent direct sunlight from entering while preventing large volumes of water from flooding. There were also windows above most of the cells, which in addition to providing adequate temperature, also helped ventilation. The breadth of the order and the breadth of this market relative to other markets are other unique features of the Vakil market in Shiraz.

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What to find within the bazaar?

If you are wondering where to buy souvenirs while traveling to Shiraz, this market is a good place to buy souvenirs and crafts. A variety of carpets, carpets, and gabes with original colors and vibrant colors are sold at market stands. If you are looking for the most beautiful traditional Shirazi fabrics that come from the tribal culture of Fars province, do not miss the lawyer’s market and bring valuable souvenirs with you. There are even booths in the bazaar with the same fabrics that dress you in Fars province. Copperware, silverware, and other valuable Shiraz crafts are available in this market.

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It should be acknowledged that one of the most important factors distinguishing the Vakil Bazaar from some of the traditional markets of Iran is the height and height of the roofs, which gives this monument a special impression. Orders from the ground floor, about 10 meters high, created in a unique space. Of course, the Vakil Bazaar is a little wider than some of the traditional markets in the country. The next issue is the market lighting method, which has ceilings, holes that prevent direct light from coming in and prevent heavy volumes of water from entering the market during heavy rains.

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If you look at the Vakil Bazaar and look at the cells above, you will find that most cells have windows that play an important role in air conditioning and building proper temperatures, creating a suitable space for sellers and buyers. However, market shops have platforms that differentiate them from other markets. In the past, there were decorations on the wall of these platforms that have been lost over time, such as countertops in the current shops that create a gap between the seller and the buyer.

How to reach Vakil Bazaar?

The Vakil bazaar has different inputs that you can use to reach the market. These entrances are located in Zand, Taleghani, and Lotfali Khan Zand Street. The main entrance to the North and South Vakil bazaar is located on Zand Street, on the east side of City Hall.

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