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Introduction of Iran

Same as all over the world there are lots of countries surrounding the world, one of those counties is Iran. It is now embracing more than 20 wealthy UNESCO World Heritages.

This country located in western Asia with 83 million population. It is considerable to mention which its 18th populous county in the world. Iran owns an area of more than 1 billion square meter. This is why it is the second largest country in the middle east. Iran is surrounding by the below countries:

Armenia, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Iraq, and the Persian Gulf, and the Caspian sea. Iran is one of the Muslim counties in which the people especially the woman’s should wear hijab.

Iran traditional clothing1

Iran in a precise look

Tehran is the political and economical and central capital of iran and the word iran , totally came from middle Persian .

The language is Farsi. this country is one of the most historical and traditional counties you might find ever, the weather of this country is spectacular for living and traveling, the weather will attract each person and you will try to stay outdoors for long hours, especially in spring.

The history beside this country is completely interesting for studying and also for knowing and its one of the greatest regional stories. This is why the story of history of iran completely goes back to 7 hundred BC . the first historical peoples in iran was the Medes , and the first empire which held was achaemenids and they were the first powerful state . after the powers of achaemenids , the Parthians and Sasanians came to power ,

We can mention to all empires which came to the power one by one : taherain , saffarian , samanian , ziaran , buoyan , ghaznavian , Seljuk , kharazmshahiyan , ilkhan , safavid , afshariyan , zandieh , qajariyeh , Pahlavi and at the end Islamic republic of iran .

UNESCO world heritage

United nations educational, scientific, and cultural organization (UNESCO), prepared a landmark or an area to judge collective and preservative interests of humanity. This is how UNESCO world heritage, classified different places of each country by its purity and mainly choose historically identifiable places which have kind of special culture or history or physical significance, such as deserts, forests, buildings, islands, complexes, etc.

persepolis- iran

UNESCO world heritage of iran

Iran is one of those countries which registered in the unesco world heritage with 24 heritage sites for its historical and cultural amazing places . it has prepared in February 1975 . the first places which had been choose was takht-e-jamshid and naghsh-e-jahan and choghazenbil .

List of UNESCO world heritages of iran

Armenian Monastic Ensembles of Iran, Bam and its Landscape, Bisotun, Cultural Landscape of Maymand, Golestan Palace, Gonbad-e Qabus, Masjed-e Jame of Isfahan, Meidan-e Emam, Pasargadae , Persepolis , Shahr-i Sokhta, Sheikh Safi al-din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemble of Ardabil, Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System, Soltaniyeh Dome, Susa, Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex, Takht-e Soleyman, Tchogha Zanbil, The Persian Qanat, Lut desert,The Persian Garden, ,Hyrcanian Forests.

Tchogha Zanbil


Chogha Zanbil is an ancient Elamite in the Khuzestan. It is one of the main cities in the south of Iran. Choga Zanbil is typically translated as ‘basket mound. this place was built about 1250 BC by untash napirisha . The middle area has eleven temples for lesser gods. Well, twenty-two temples were originally planned, but the king died before they could be finished.


Fars , 1979

This place founded by the first Dariush 518 BC . It was the capital of Achaemenids empire and it was built during the region of Achaemenids , khashayarshah and ardeshir 1 .

The monumental of this place make it really unique and important .

Meidan Emam, Esfahan

Isfahan, 1979

Meidan Emam built by the first shah Abbass at the beginning of the 17th century. It is locating on all sides by monumental buildings .the site is popular for its royal mosque. Meidan was one of the most cultural and social parts of the Safavid era and nowadays. We know it as one of the most perfects historical places of Esfahan.

Takht-e Soleyman

Western Azerbaijan Province,2003

Takht-e Soleyman,is in north western of Iran, in addition, it is located in a valley in the volcanic mountains region. designs of the fire temple, palace and the general layout have strongly influenced the development of Islamic architecture.

Bam and its Cultural Landscape

Kerman Province, Bam District , 2004

Bam is locating in a desert environment on the southern part of the Iranian high plateau.  The presence of life in the spring was based on the underground irrigation canals. the qanāts,  which Bam has preserved some of the earliest evidence in Iran and Arg-e Bam is one of the most interesting places of this city


Pars Province ,2004

The first capital of achaemenid empire was Pasargadae and it found by second cyrus additionally it was the homeland of Persian in the 6th century . this historical place includes of different sites such as : the Mausoleum of Cyrus II; Tall-e Takht, a fortified terrace; and a royal ensemble of gatehouse, audience hall, residential palace and gardens .


Zanjan province, 2005

The mausoleum of oljaytu  was constructed in 1302-12 in soltaniyeh city . solyaniye was the capital of illkhanid dynasty and founded by mongols . the interior decoration of this place is completely interesting specially for archetectures .

Bisotun area

Province of Kermanshah , 2006

The history of this place goes back to imes to the Median, Achaemenid, Sassanian, and Ilkhanid periods .its also located in thirty kilometers of lermanshah .

Armenian Monastic Ensembles of Iran


These ensembles are located in the north south of iran and they ae consist of 3 different monastic ensembles : St Thaddeus and St Stepanos and Chapel of Dzordzor. The oldest one is st Thaddeus . this will show the architectural and decoration traditions of Armenia .

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

2009 , khuzestan

This historical hydraulic system traced back to dariush in the 5th century and it is located in Khuzestan .it has 2 main diversion canals in the karun river and nowadays people ae using it .the water level is measured, damns, bridges, basins and mills .

Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex


 Tabriz Bazaar consists of a series of interconnected, covered, brick structures, buildings, and enclosed spaces and the history of this place goes back to safavid kingdom .

Sheikh Safi aldin ardebilis tomb , ardabil


This place constructed at 16th till 18th century and it shows the powerful architectural forms of Iranian people and also it is remarkable collection of antique artefacts .

The Persian Garden


This place includes of 9 different gardens which each one shows different weather climates .this place symbolize Eden and the four Zoroastrian elements of sky, earth, water and plants. Its the most attractive Iranian places .

Masjed-e Jāmé of Isfahan


This mosque is located in the center of Isfahan , its also showing the Islamic art of Iranian people , additionally it was the first Islamic building which show the development of the archiuture in iran .

Golestan Palace

Tehran , 2013

This palace is masterpiece of the Qajar era and it became as a seat of government of gajar family and it makes the Tehran as a capita of the country . from the 9th century It became a center of Qajari arts and architecture.

Shahr-i Sokhta


Its called burnet city and it is located in sistan baloochestan city , in addition , this great place located at the junction of Bronze Age trade routes crossing the Iranian plateau .

Cultural Landscape of Maymand


Maymand is located at the southern extremity of Iran’s central mountains. The people living in this mountains raise their animals on pastures, living in temporary settlements in spring and fall.


This place is located in the south west of iran in the zagros mountains . Susa was one of the most great and important ancient cities of iran and the world .

The Persian Qanat


agricultural and permanent settlements are supported by the ancient qanat system and there are 11 qanats including this system .

Lut Desert


This desert located in the south east of iran , between June and October this area swept by strong winds . this desert was the first monuments which been listed in the unesco heritage of iran .the history of this place goes back to 5 hundred years ago

Historic City of Yazd


This city is located in the middle of the Iranian plateau .this place has one of the most interesting and spectacular architecture you have seen ever in the dry and warm climate its located in 270 km southeast of Isfahan, close to the Spice and Silk Road .

Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region


The eight archaeological sites of Fars province and it includes of kazeroon , sarvestan and Firozabad

Hyrcanian Forests


These forests are located in northern iran  between the Caspian sea and the alborz mountains . these forests include the most perfect weather and the great and peaceful places for relaxing during holiday .

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