trump vs. biden

More than 80 million people here in Iran seem more worried than even Americans. Although we’re living within another continent and another country; but who wins is so so important for our future. Trump vs. Biden?

Like the rest of the world, Iran is now experiencing a terrible situation coming from Coronavirus. Besides, the Iranian economy is going to destroy more than ever. This is why Iranian do believe a new president for the USA with new strategies will make a difference for them.

Trump vs. Biden battle effects on the Tourism industry

Just like before, the entire Iranian economy and industries are so dependent on the global and American sanctions. So, the result of this battle “Trump vs. Biden” will make a probable huge difference for Iranians. If Trump wins, he probably will add effective pressure on the Iranian government and the economy. He is trying to force the Iranian government to stop its strategies against the USA. But, if Biden wins, the Iranian government hopes for a probable chance to make a deal with the USA and the rest of the world like Obama presidential time. So, decreasing sanctions or any probable deals will help the Iranian economy to be more successful. As a result, the tourism industry will also be affected positively.

But more than what will happen through America’s election 2020 Trump vs. Biden battle, getting rid-of Coronavirus really matters. The terrible Coronavirus’s effects on the global tourism industry are highly notable; the same as what is happening for Iran.

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