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As an Islamic country, Iran is where you can be accustomed to the most significant events of Islam in addition to the ancients Iranian ones. In this article, Espad Travel is going to introduce one of the greatest Islamic events in Iran which are really popular among Iranian people by the name Muharram.

Muharram is the name of the first lunar year where the first 10 days of this month is when one of the most highlighted ceremonies of Shiites has occurred. About 1300 years ago, the third leader of Shiites, Imam Hossein, had been murdered so intensive; this is why Shiites people lamented these years all over the world, especially in Iran.

Although these concepts are not that familiar for non-muslim guys, but when you’ve decided to travel to Iran, It’s necessary to be aware of this facts as well; so, we’re here to answer some of the main questions about this Islamic event, like: “What is Ashura?” and “what happened in Muharram?” .

So, follow us to have your answers!

Muharram in Iran
Tehran Grand Bazaar in Muharram

What is Ashura?

By the conceptual meaning of 10, Ashura is the name of a period of 10 days in Muharram month that many of Shiites Muslims gather together within the mosques and holy places to have the commemoration for the murder of Imam Hossein. During these 10 days, Shiites wear black clothes as a sign of mourning while they provide poor people with food and meals.

As one of the most highlighted occurrences within 10 days of Ashura, Ta’zieh can be considered. In order to be aware of this UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Iran, just notice the below part.

travel to Iran during muharram
Muharram in Yazd

Ta’zieh in Iran – UNESCO Cultural Heritage

Ta’zieh is a theatrical genre reciting the battle of Karbala with special verses. Imam Hussein’s supporters, in Ta’zieh theatre, are dressed in special clothes with are mostly belonging to the Islamic ages. To make it more understandable for people more, the clothes are symbolically in red and green. Imam Hossein and his followers in the theater wear the green clothes, but the opponents of Imam Hussein war red and act on the stage. This religious and spiritual theatre has been popular since the Qajar Dynasty, but in the 1940s, these rituals declined for a period as they were banned by the authorities. Although Ta’zieh is a religious performance which is running during the 10 days of Ashura in Muharram month, it’s been inscribed as an intangible cultural heritage of Iran by UNESCO in 2010. If you’ve planned to be in Iran during Muharram, don’t miss the chance to take part in this astonishing performance in the main Iranian cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Kashan, Natanz, and Yazd.

Iran Tour in Muharram
Ta’zieh, UNESCO Cultural Heritage
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