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The Most Popular Persian Food Among Tourists

The Iranian table is a colorful table and the food culture of this land is also very rich. Different local cuisines are ready here in different regions of Iran according to the available facilities. Delicious Perisan foods can be one of the most memorable parts of your Iran trip. The scent of Iranian food has been tasted under the language of foreign tourists, and some Iranian food is among the most popular and popular among foreign tourists.

Depending on geographical locations of Iran, you will easily understand why there are so many varied foods in this country. Once a center of Persian Empire, Iran is in the neighborhood of the former Soviet Union. It is also located in the Middle East and close to Europe. It is far from Africa and there is also the Silk Road.

In the fourth century, Alexander the Greek king invaded Iran and conquered it. Since then, Turks, Mongols, and Arabs have also attacked Iran. The Iranians have had a variety of delicious foods prior to the attacks, and other nation-wide foods have been added to their menu since then. Take, for example, the cut (Russian vegetable broth) served with green coriander and Chinese yarn with bean soup, various herbs, and herbs.

Many different kinds of food and fruits such as pistachio, almond, walnut, saffron, mint, pomegranate and grape have Iranian roots.

There are four different seasons in Iran and, unlike other parts of the Middle East, where there are limited foods due to hot and dry climates.

In Iran, with the use of groundwater and melted snow, arid and desert areas have long been transformed into oases, where different types of plants and fruits have grown.

persian food

List of most popular Persian Foods by foreign tourists

Kebab (lamb, chicken, minced meat)

Kebab is more diverse than you think in Iran. The first is roasted mince with chopped onion, salt and pepper. It sounds simple but it tastes great. Leaf kebabs are another type of kebab made from lamb or beef slices that are added to saffron and butter for flavoring in lemon juice and onions. The roast chicken, called chickens, comes from roasting whole chicken with all bones (of course, in American restaurants, chicken breast is used to make chicken) and is flavored with lemon juice and onions and topped with Saffron and butter cover. If you are lucky you can also eat liver. Liver is a roasted lamb liver served with fresh basil and lemon.

persian food

Fesenjan stew a  popular Persian foods

This delicious, sour-sweet stew has been recognized as the most popular Iranian food on the food republic site. This stew made from walnut and pomegranate and sugar paste with chicken or minced meat one of the delicious Iranian dishes.

persian food

Eggplant Stew a true Persian Foods  representative 

Eggplant is one of the most popular Persian foods. You rarely see anyone who doesn’t like the unique taste of eggplant. This delicious and delectable stew of fried eggplants cooked with tomatoes and meat is served with rice and rock and vegetable bread that will surely delight anyone who has tasted it once.

persian food

Ghormeh Sabzi Stew

This authentic Iranian stew is one of the country’s delicious dishes. The vegetable stew has a unique flavor and is made from a combination of red beans, stewed vegetables, meat and lemon and served with Iranian rice. Cooking it and putting it in is also a practice, and not everyone’s work.

persian food

Bean Rice

The bean Rice with muscles is still lurking in the Iranian table, and foreign tourists should be on their toes when eating it. Green and yellow beans are among Iran’s most unique dishes among Iranian rice, along with aromatic vegetable saffron, cooked with butter or animal oil and served with muscle.

persian food

Barberry Rice

This delicious Iranian dish is a combination of rice and barberry served alongside chicken. This traditional house-made dish is also popular in Iran and among the people of the country.

The list of popular Persian foods among foreign tourists is missing many of our country’s local cuisine. It’s time for Iranian expert chiefs to prove how persian foods will be interesting to the entire world as well.

persian food

Tah Dig (crisp fried rice)

The other is the spirit of Iranian food and cuisine. It is a crisp, golden layer of rice that forms the bottom of the rice cooker. It tastes like a blend of popcorn and potato chips with basmati rice. At Iranian parties, there is always a bit of food, but the dish that is always empty is the bottom of the dish. Tah Dig is a real food addiction and you can eat it by hand.

persian food

Ash (String Bean Soup)

The soup is full of strings, beans, vegetables, green leaves like spinach and beet leaves. On this soup is full of hot mint, its crunchy fried onions. Sour cream is a popular Middle Eastern food that tastes like sour yogurt.

persian food

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