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Iran is one of the most historic and ancient nations of the World. This long history has created a very rich culture and art in Iran in which as Iranian architecture is famous, there are lots of great historic houses in which has turned into hotel and live museums which international travelers can stay inside these hotels and experience unique atmosphere, accommodation and receive five star hotels services while enjoying the best possible prices. In this article, we will get to know the top traditional houses in Iran.

Moshir Garden Hotel

Moshir-ol Mamalek garden hotel is an old garden related to the Qajar period in which its old and tall trees, runoff water and a lot of its fountains and basins attract a lot of travelers and guests to itself.

Hotel rooms which have desert architecture have been built inside this garden and have a very famous restaurant which serves very tasty and delicious Iranian and foreign foods.\

The rooms of this hotel are comfortable and calm and the only sound you hear is the bird’s sound. This hotel which is one of the traditional hotels of Yazd has been located at Moshir blvd one of the streets of city entrance and has easy access to all Yazd attractions and sight seeings.

moshir garden hotel

Fahad Hotel

Fahad hotel which is also called the museum has been located near the great mosque at the heart of the Fahadan area. One of the most beautiful and attractive areas of the Yazd.

Fahad hotel is a historic building with over 250 years of history related to the Qajar period. This hotel is also known as Tehran house and has been registered as one of the historic buildings of cultural heritage.

From this hotel to many Yazd attractions like Eskandar prison, Lariha house, and Malek Zadeh house is just steps away and by just walking you can see attractions of the city. From the unique features of this hotel is existence of many heritages from traditional and old buildings, central yard and narenjestan which have been turned into a restaurant.

The building of this hotel has three yards including the main yard, narenjestan and Kollah Farangi mansion, three beautiful deflectors, a huge talar, a housing hole, and a very big roof which is in front of the many Yazd historic attractions.

Traditional hotels in Yazd

Lab Khandagh Hotel

Lab Khandagh hotel is one of the other traditional hotels of the Yazd. This hotel is a historic hotel related to the Qajar period and belongs to the Tayebi family. This building has been rebuilt at 1389 and its functionality has been changed into a hotel.

Lab Khandagh is near to the old part of the city and Bazaar. It has been located near the historic square of Amir Chakhmagh, Ghiam street and the biggest Yazd shopping centers like Khan Bazaar, Panje Ali Bazaar, and historic hotel of Mehr.

By some minutes walking, you can access to city eye-catching important centers and attractions.

labkhandugh hotel yazd scaled

Molla Bashi Or Motamedi House

This wonderful house that its amazing architecture and awesome walls and ceiling design will make you wondered and excited has been but at Zandieh and Qajar period. This house was bought by a person called Mirza Ahmad Molla Bashi who was Naseraldin Shah scientist and that’s why he has his name on this enjoyable house. Mirza Ahmad was one of his time great scientists that’s why he gave away his house for cultural and social goals and purposes.

Molla Bashi house has had many parts which have been reduced over time and like all Qajar period houses have inside and outside areas and its colorful windows make you excited and wondered.

You can visit this awesome historic house daily every day of the week from 9 a.m to 7 p.m.

moshir ol molk garden

Dehdashti House

A glorious and awesome house full of beauty, nature, and color has been built at the Qajar period and is located at one of the most beautiful streets of Isfahan at Abbasi Chahar Bagh street. Dehdashti house has a lot of different these days compared to its Qajar period and has turned into a Hogo coffee restaurant. So you are not going to visit just a historic house but also a great coffee restaurant to enjoy traditional and modern foods and drinks. Huge yard with all its beautiful garden, trees and colorful flowers combined with its glorious fountain and the eye-catching mansion has taken apart this house from other Isfahan historic houses.

You can visit this great historic house and enjoy its modern coffee restaurant daily every day of the week from 5 p.m to 10 p.m.

dehdasht house idfahan scaled

Malek Angurestan House

This beautiful historic great house belongs to Seyed Habib Allah Amin Altojar one of the Isfahan famous businessmen and philanthropists. He started his job besides his father and developing his business to other cities like Tehran turned into one of the most famous businessmen of his time.

Aminaltojar was also busy at political affairs. Was one of the constituters and supporters of this national movement. He had been the national assembly for multiple periods.

The foundation of this beautiful house belongs to the Safavieh period but until the Pahlavi period has added many parts to this wonderful historic house.

You can visit this colorful house daily every day of the week from 9 a.m to 4 p.m.

Isfahan Traditional Houses

Ansari Moshir Almolk House

A house super luxury with all its meaning. This beautiful luxurious house has belonged to one of the courtiers of the Safavi period. Moshir Ansari family after their migration from Shiraz to Isfahan chose this house to live inside it.

A place where with its beautiful plastering, mirrors, woodcarving, paints and its beautiful cross shape fountain has not a thing less for beauty and awesomeness. When you visit this great house you might be the envy of him living in such a beautiful super luxury house.

You can visit this luxurious house daily every day of the week from 8 a.m to 4 p.m.

molla bashi hotel scaled

Abbasi Hotel

The most famous and beautiful hotel of not only Isfahan and Iran but also one the most famous, beautiful and amazing hotels of the World is the Abbasi hotel. The oldest hotel in the World, the most beautiful hotel in the World, and the most amazing hotel in the World are just some names given to this amazing masterpiece of the Safavi era. The start of the building of this wonderful hotel was 1336 but the area in which the hotel is inside it is more historic.

Abbasi hotel has been built inside the mother of Shah inn and has a very huge and beautiful yard. Even if you do not want to stay at this amazing hotel sitting in its great yard and tasting its delicious Ash worth a lot.

Facilities: bodybuilding complex, traditional restaurant, 24 hours coffee shop, internet in lobby, satellite, sauna, jacuzzi, pool, restaurant, library, bank.

Near attractions: 4 min distance to Chelle Soton, 5 min distance to Siose Pol, 10 min distance to Naghshe Jahan square.

Qajar Room Abbasi Hotel

The Bottom Line

One of the most exciting advantages of traveling Iran is that you can experience unique experiences like staying at historical houses which have turned into super luxury five star hotels with that historic atmosphere and the best possible prices.

If you love to know your options about thees luxury historical houses and which cities you can enjoy these accommodations then please contact us to plan your great Iran travel with unique services only for you. We are more than happy to build once in a lifetime Iran enjoyable vacation for you.

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