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Iran is a great country to experience a new type of World with a combination of modern and history, customs and a new era, great ancient people and new young people born in the digital age. Located at the center of the World known as the Middle East this huge and ancient country has a lot to offer to any lucky traveler who has this opportunity to experience Iran as tourism or health tourism journey. In this article, we are going to get to know Iran as a country better to better and fully prepared to travel to Iran and understand this magnificent country. Are you ready to get to know Iran as a great and important country better for your next travel adventure? Then stay with me to get to know the most popular and fascinating Iran cultural attractions.

Traveling Iran is going to be one of your life’s best decisions as you may know Iran is one the most beautiful, ancient and important countries of the World. Situated at the part of the World known as the Middle East, this magnificent country has a lot to offer to any lucky traveler who has this opportunity to experience a unique country of Iran. In this article, I’m going to show you the top and the most unique and popular cultural destinations of Iran which have made Iran a must in your list of the travel journey. I’m sure you are as excited as me so let’s get started.

Azadi Tower

For the time the capital of the first Persian Empire and the birthplace of Persian civilization, it’s essential that you visit Persepolis. In fact, you haven’t seen Iran unless you’ve walked in the footsteps of the ancient kings and discover Iran glorious historic attractions.

Persepolis Iran

T-Chogha Zanbil

The first-ever Iranian site registered with UNESCO, Chogha Zanbil is a 13th-century BC ziggurat in the Khuzestan city and province. Baked bricks with cuneiform inscriptions are layered in the structure, and a centuries-old footprint of a child in the stone is roped off towards the back.

T-Chogha Zanbil

Babak Castle

A bit of athleticism and power and no fear and being brave are required to achieve Babak Castle. Once the stronghold of a Khurramite leader who fought the Abbasid kingdom, this citadel, surrounded by deep gorges, sits at the height of 2,300–2,600 meters. Those with a strong case of acrophobia might choose to admire it from afar.

babak castle

Nasir ol-Molk Mosque

Walking inside Nasir ol-Molk is like walking inside a kaleidoscope. Nicknamed “the Pink Mosque” for its rosy-hued tiles, you’ll like discovering the hidden nooks of undoubtedly Iran’s most beautiful mosque.

Nasir ol Molk Mosque

Naqsh-e Jahan Square

Once a royal polo field, Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan holds Ali Qapu Palace, Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, and the Imperial Bazaar. You’ll need the better portion of a day to see it all properly.

iran tours

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

A feat of engineering, the Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System, an ancient irrigation system dating back to the 5th century BCE, is sure to leave you awe-struck. Climb the hill behind it to marvel at the view from above before exploring the details of the mechanism and the many bird species living here.

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

Bridges of Isfahan

Whether it’s Si-o-se pol, the Khaju, or one of the other nine bridges, a romantic stroll along the marvelous architecture of Esfahan’s bridges on the Zayandeh River is a must. The Persian poetry often recited in these locales echo through the arched chambers and will seem like Scheherazade’s 1001 Nights.

khaju bridge

Kashan’s historic houses

Exquisite ceilings, magnificent frescoes, and grand courtyards filled with pomegranate trees are what you’ll get in one of the breathtaking historic homes in the desert city of Kashan. This city is best seen in the spring before it’s too hot and while you can catch the rosewater festival.

Abbasian House

Sheikh Safi al-din Khanegah and Shrine

Located in Ardabil, this shrine is the tomb of Sufi mystic leader Sheikh Safi al-din. Different areas such as a library, mosque, school, and mausoleum make up this site, and the architecture is in keeping with the principles of Sufi mysticism.

Iran Travel

Pigeon Towers

While people usually see pigeons as mere nuisances, especially for city dwellers, they were quite valuable in Iran about five centuries ago, namely for their droppings. These towers were built as pigeon homes, each holding as many as 14,000, where the droppings could be collected and used as fertilizer.

pigeon towers

Chak Chak

Literally “drip-drip,” Chak Chak is a Zoroastrian temple located just outside of Yazd. The most important Zoroastrian pilgrimage site in Iran, many Zoroastrians visit the temple every year. Once you’ve seen the similar sites in Yazd, a visit here gives further insight into this religion.

Chak Chak Yazd

Rudkan Castle

This military complex was initially built on two mounts during the Sassanid era and rebuilt a few centuries later. Known as the “castle of a thousand steps” because that’s how many you have to climb to get to the top, Rudkhan Castle is worth the effort.

Rudkhan Castle

Hafez Tomb

If you’re going to visit one Persian poet, it must be Hafez. Stroll around the garden and tomb in the evening as tourists and locals come to pay their respects and recite a few lines of his poems. You can even have your fortune read to see what the great poet predicts for you.hafez tomb

Bisotun and Taq-e Bostan

Bisotun and Taq-e Bostan are two historical sites located near each other in the Kermanshah Province. Rock reliefs and the statue of Hercules are fascinating remnants of Bisotun, as is the prehistoric “hunter’s cave” said to have been inhabited 40,000 years ago. Rock reliefs are also under the archway of Taq-e Bostan, the most notable image of which depicts the last king of the Sassanid Empire with Ahura Mazda (the creator in Zoroastrianism) and Anahita (a Zoroastrian deity).


The Bottom Line

The rich culture of Iran means an amazing series of attractions that have been made to showcase Iran’s great history and culture. If you love Iran and are about to travel Iran then don’t miss these most popular Iran cultural attractions. If you any questions about Iran or our services then please contact us to be fully guided by our welcoming Iran travel experts. We are here to build you a memorable vacation to last for the rest of your life.

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