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When you decide to travel to Iran, you are actually deciding to visit a magnificent historic country full of amazing attractions, sight seeings, cities, and towns. There are thousands of towns and hundreds of cities in Iran all have a lot to offer for both local and international travelers. But here are the top five cities to visit which is a must for your Iran tourism journey.

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Tehran is the capital of Iran and one of the biggest and populated cities of the World and Iran’s number one city. Tehran now has over 20M population daily with over 230 years of history as Iran’s capital. People are educated, knowledgeable and wealthier than all other cities of Iran and live modern western lifestyle and standards. Tehran is always alive and active and never sleeps. As the capital of Iran is economic, political and cultural center of Iran producing 30% of Iran’s GDP with 25% of Iran’s population. Living standards and prices are higher here and technology and infrastructure are superb here. All over the city high-speed internet is available and modern and advanced transportation system is always available. Tehran is full of awesome modern restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers, malls, plazas, and all modern lifestyle facilities. Tehran is full of natural, historic and modern attractions and sightseeing’s from Milad Tower and Azadi Tower to Tabiat Bridge, Darband and many other parks and attractions. Be sure to put it in your first priority to travel and experience the magnificent city of Tehran as the weather is always awesome and very pleasant here in Tehran. As one of the main phases of Tehran tourism attractions, historical and cultural attractions can be highly mentioned which are located within the northern parts of the city like Sa’ad Abad Palace, Niavaran Palace, Tajrish Bazaar and also within the central parts of the city like Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage) , Archeological Museum, Jewelry Museum and etc.

Milad Tower


One of the most beautiful, historic and amazing cities of Iran full of great historic attractions from Perspolis, Hafez Tomb, Sadi Tomb and many more, the wonderful city of Shiraz has a lot to offer to tourists. Weather is great in Shiraz but mostly spring and fall are great to visit this marvelous city. Shiraz is a very historic city with people famous for being kind and welcoming so be sure to see Shiraz and get to know its kind people in person and build a great life-lasting memory with your this Shiraz travel.

Nasir ol Molk Mosque


Isfahan is one of the most beautiful cities of Iran famous for having great Iranian architecture. This is an active and huge city with all modern technologies and facilities. Isfahan Abbasi hotel is one of the most beautiful and oldest hotels in the World and Iran. So make sure when you come to visit Isfahan you stay at a magnificent hotel of Abbasi and from there plan and experience all historic and natural attractions of Isfahan. The best time we spring and fall to visit this beautiful and historic Iranian architecture city. Isfahan is home to some of the most highlighted attractions of Iran which are mostly belonging to Safavid Era; this is why you’ll be amazed by this fascinating exclusive type of architecture to be found in Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Aali Qapu Palace, Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque, Imam Mosque, Chehel Sotoun Palace and the historical bridges of Si-o-Se pol and Khaju.

khaju bridge


Mashhad is an Iran famous city for its Great Ferdowsi Tomb and Imam Reza Holy Shrine. Millions per year travel Mashhad to see and visit these two famous and historic attractions of Mashhad. Besides these two famous and populated attractions , Mashhad is a great city to enjoy its nature from Shandiz and Zoshk you can enjoy beautiful nature and take a deep breath. All over the year is great to travel and visit Mashhad. THE GREAT FERDOWSI TOMB is a must-see attraction of Iran and its famous book is a must-read book. Be sure to put Mashhad as your awesome travel destination on your list too.

imam reza holy shrine

Northern Iran

Do you love great nature and atmosphere? Do you enjoy the sea and the beach? Do you love to stay at luxury villas surrounded by jungle, sea, and beach? Then welcome North. North is known for being an attraction spot of Iranian on holidays and there is a reason for this. A combination of amazing nature, awesome jungle, pleasant weather and super luxury villas, services and facilities has given North a unique advantage to become a great holiday spot. The best time to travel Noth is spring, fall, and winter. Be sure to enjoy the amazing beaches of the Caspian sea, explore beautiful jungles and rest at super luxury villas all with awesomely enjoyable and pleasant weather and atmosphere.

Masal Iran

The Bottom Line 

Iran is a magnificent country to travel and explore and these five cities are a must when you travel to Iran. Make sure to visit them all and build a great memory of Iran for yourself.

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