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Introduction of Iranian Drinks

Iran is a country where a variety of foods are found in different parts of the country, and the same goes for drinks. Iranian drinks mainly contain herbal extracts and their focus is on health. In Iran, in fact, there is always a drink to treat problems such as insomnia, headaches, nausea and so on. In general, Iranian drinks that are suitable and cool for the summer season are called syrups, and herbal teas that are suitable for the winter are called Damnoosh. These drinks are available in many cafes, coffee shops and other places.

The best Iranian drinks

Introduction of Iranian Drinks

Vinegar syrup

Vinegar syrup is one of the oldest and best Iranian drinks, which is useful for quenching thirst. This syrup is a combination of water, vinegar, sugar and mint extract. Let it boil, Then add mint and vinegar to these boiling ingredients. When the drink thickens, pass it through a strainer and let it cool. Vinegar syrup is usually consumed in Iran with a lot of lettuce.

Vinegar syrup

Khakshir syrup

Khakshir syrup is one of the best Iranian drinks that has many health benefits for the body and acts as a natural detoxifier for the liver and skin. To prepare milk soil, you must first wash the seeds, then combine them with water and sugar, and if desired, rose and ice, and taste. This drink is very suitable for preventing heatstroke in the hot seasons of the year.

khakshir syrup

Seed of basil Syrup

If you want a sweet drink with a lemon flavor, this syrup will be a good choice for you. Seed of basil syrup is one of the best Iranian drinks that has many fans among Iranians. To prepare this drink, it is enough to combine basil seeds, lemon juice, water and rose water. Basil seeds turn into jelly-like seeds when added to water. These seeds provide a good source of minerals and vitamins for the body and are very useful for lowering blood pressure.

Saffron syrup

The people of Iran use a lot of saffron to flavor and enjoy food and drink. To make saffron syrup, you must first combine the saffron with boiling water to remove the color and taste. Then combine some of these saffron with cold water and rose water and other additives you like and serve this one of the best Iranian drinks.

saffron syrup

Mint Sweat Syrup

There are other types of herbal extracts that serving in Iran as a syrup. One of the best Iranian drinks of this type is mint and sweet syrup. To make mint sweat syrup, it is enough to mix and serve mint extract with water and lemon juice.

Herbal tea

Herbal tea or Damnoosh is one of the best Iranian drinks and the most popular drinks. There are different types of teas, and each has different properties, and most of them have herbal healing properties. Beverages are actually made from flowers, leaves, stems, roots or seeds and other components of fruits and plants, and mixed with water and brewed and turned into beverages. A variety of drinks are easily available in stores and coffee shops and even restaurants.

herbal tea

Borage drink

Borage drink is a purple plant that is using in the preparation of beverages due to its sedative effect and is still used as one of the best Iranian beverages. It is also believed that this plant has antimicrobial and anti-diarrheal properties. The taste of this drink is a little sour, which is why some people add extra nutrients such as lime to it.

Rose Flower drink

Rose flower drink is one of the most famous drinks and one of the best Iranian drinks and is used as a main ingredient in preparing all kinds of drinks. Due to its sedative effect, this plant is widely used in Iranian medicine and is also very popular and used in preparing food.

Lemon and honey syrup

This syrup has a moderate nature. Fresh lemon has a lot of vitamin C, and if people with anemia with foods with plant proteins such as soy and legumes, etc., use fresh lemon or as a drink with food, this syrup will be very useful in absorbing more iron from food. Was. To make this delicious syrup, dissolve the honey in its lemon juice and then add the water to it. On hot days, you can add a tablespoon of grated cucumber to reduce thirst and thirst. In this case, this syrup will be laxative and useful for the liver and kidneys.

Jujube syrup

Iranian syrups are an alternative to harmful carbonated beverages. Jujube syrup is very useful for cleansing and purifying the blood and corrects liver damage. This syrup is the best drink to prevent skin rashes and allergies. Jujube syrup is very useful for people with high blood pressure.

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