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Tabriz is one of Iran’s most important and modern cities which has grown and developed exponentially in recent years and has turned into a completely modern and big city. Tabriz is full of awesome historic and natural attractions and sightseeings which make this city a must to visit. Now after your decision about traveling Tabriz the next question is, what are the best and most luxurious Tabriz hotels to stay? Tabriz is full of great and luxurious four stars and five stars hotels which have all modern great features and facilities you expect from great hotels combined with strategic awesome location with a great view, weather, and atmosphere. Now let’s look at the most luxurious hotels of Tabriz.

Tabriz Laleh Park Hotel

If you want to stay at the most luxurious and comfortable international five stars hotel then super luxurious Tabriz Laleh Park Hotel is for you. This hotel is a five stars hotel with international standards and is part of the Kayak Turkish chain hotels. This luxurious hotel started in 1395 at Tabriz.

Laleh Park hotel has been located in Pasdaran high way and has 17 floors. This hotel has a lot of luxurious rooms but with eight elevators transportation is going to be very fast and easy.

The guests staying at this hotel have been totally satisfied with workers’ behavior, the hotel’s great features and facilities, rooms cleanliness and peace of freedom. Also, guests have been very happy about the quality of breakfast, foods, and drinks of this five stars hotel.

laleh park hotel

This super luxury hotel has many restaurants with great high-quality services, foods, and drinks.

This hotel is away from downtown of Tabriz and some attractions and sightseeings of Tabriz. But it has been located in a great place which has very clean weather and a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Besides its all full features and facilities you would expect from a luxurious five stars hotel this hotel has an amusement park, water sports complex, bodybuilding complex, health center and great and huge diverse coffee shops and shopping center.
tabriz laleh hotel

Tabriz El Goli Pars Hotel

One of the other the most luxurious Tabriz hotels is Tabriz El Goli Pars Hotel. This hotel is near the famous El Goli park attraction and that’s why it has this name and is part of the Pars chain hotels. This five stars hotel has been located in a great and nice place away from the city center business and crowded streets.

All modern features, facilities, and technologies you would expect from a great five stars hotel is ready here including traditional national and modern national and international restaurants, coffee shops, shopping center, great lobby, transfer services, financial services, beauty center, pool, sauna, jacuzzi, sports center, massage and spa center, high-speed internet, game center, smoke center, modern and traditional handicraft stores and many more.

ElGoli Hotel Tabriz

Tabriz International Hotel

If you love your hotel to be at the heart of the city then Tabriz International hotel is for you. This is an old hotel which still is very popular among tourists.

Although this is an old hotel but has nice quality and guests have been satisfied with the quality of rooms, foods, services, and cleanliness of the rooms.

This hotel also has all the features and facilities you would expect from a great luxurious hotel and is an awesome choice if you love being at the heart of Tabriz.

Tabriz International Hotel 

Tabriz Shahriyar International Hotel

Shahriyar hotel is one of the most luxurious Tabriz five stars hotels. This great hotel has been located at the beginning of El Goli street and has 200 rooms and suites. If you stay at this hotel you can swim inside its pool for free, go to its sona and jacuzzi and shop something from its handicraft store as a souvenir.

The design and architecture of these hotel rooms are different from each other and for business trips conference and meeting rooms have been designed. Also sometimes there is a live music show in the lobby of this hotel.

All features, facilities, and amenities are ready here to help you experience a great and comfortable stay and travel to Tabriz.

Tabriz Shahriyar International Hotel 

The Bottom Line 

Tabriz is a great modern city full of historic and natural attractions with unique culture and pleasant weather which makes this city a must to travel. There are some great super luxurious five stars hotels in this city which will make you have a great stay, and experience a memorable and full of luxury and happiness travel. Welcome Tabriz.

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