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We can call Mashhad the most important religious tourism destination in the city of Iran. Millions of Muslims per year from all different cities of Iran and World countries travel Mashhad to visit Imam Reza Holy Shrine. So if you are among those people who want their hotels besides being near to Holly Shrine to be the most luxurious one and provide all ultra-modern and super luxury features and facilities then join me in this article to get to know the best, most famous and most luxurious hotels of Mashhad.

Almas 2 Hotel

Almas 2 hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Mashhad. This hotel as you may expect from a super luxurious five stars hotel provides all relaxation and modern life features and facilities. Almas 2 hotel with its luxurious full-featured three coffee shops and two restaurants entertain its guests. One of its beautiful restaurants has been built on the roof of the hotel with the name of Gardon Restaurant is a unique fabulous restaurant that provides breathtaking 360 degrees view and land escape from the beautiful city of Mashhad and Imam Reza Holly Shrine.

In this Gardon restaurant, all kinds of Iranian, foreign, and seafood are being served so you will totally satisfied no matter what your taste is whatever you will ever want and wish will be ready here. The other restaurant of this hotel with all different kinds of Iranian, foreign, seafood and pasta is ready to serve its guests 24 hours a day. From the other facilities of this five stars luxurious hotel is its water sports complex. This complex has a sauna, jacuzzi, pool also a very special children pool. From the other benefits of this great five stars hotel is a very short distance to Imam Reza Holly Shrine. In which you can reach the Holly Shrine just within 5 minutes by a car.

Mashhad Hotels

Darvishi Luxurious Hotel

The people who want to experience a super-luxury stay from their travel to Mashhad then Darvishi luxurious hotel is a perfect option for them. Darvishi luxurious hotel has many different coffee shops and restaurants which providing different foods and drinks for all different types of tastes and people so you will find your perfect taste at one of its beautiful super-luxury restaurants and coffee shops. From Atrium roof garden restaurant to the central coffee shop you are invited to discover all these restaurants and explore your perfect taste here.

The people who choose Darvishi luxurious hotel to stay as their perfect hotel there is no need to go out of this beautiful hotel for shopping and purchasing a souvenir. The hotel has provided a great huge and modern shopping center for all its guests which include all national and international brands and you will find whatever you might want at this modern shopping center.

Pool, sauna, jacuzzi, beauty center, sports center, and bank are from other facilities of this luxury hotel. 

Besides its awesome features and facilities, the hotel location is great and is located just 10 minutes away by car from Imam Reza Holly Shrine. 

mashhad hotels

Ghasr International Hotel

Ghasr international hotel is one of the other super luxury hotels of Mashhad. This hotel with its different and unique rooms and full-featured facilities and amenities entertains its guests. This amazingly luxurious and different hotel has provided a traditional restaurant for people who love traditional food, a fast food restaurant for fast food lovers, an Iranian restaurant for Iranian food lovers, a foreign restaurant for international food lovers and a seafood restaurant for sea lovers! So here every taste and food is ready to answer all your wants and wishes.

For those who have children good news is that this hotel is equipped with an amusement park to entertain your lovely children. Also coffee shop, sports center, pool, jacuzzi, sauna, beauty center, and modern shopping center are other facilities and amenities of this Mashhad super luxurious hotel.

This hotel besides all its great, modern and luxurious features, facilities, benefits, advantages, and uniqueness has been located in a strategic location in which is just 5 minutes away from Imam Reza Holly Shrine.

Mashhad Hotels


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