Iran is one of the most popular and exciting destinations of the World to travel and enjoy. As one of the most historic and ancient nations of the World, Iran is offering lots of great souvenirs to its all national and international travelers. If you love to travel to Iran and experience this amazing country for yourself then you should know that as a historic country, each city has a lot of great souvenirs to offer. In this post, we are going to get to know the most famous Iran souvenir to take with yourself as a great memory and gifts for yourself, family and friends.

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One of the most famous and priciest Iran souvenirs with great features and amazing quality is Iran’s famous saffron which is one of the most valued World spices. Although other countries like Italy, U.S. A, Spain, and some other North African countries plant saffron Iran saffron enjoys the amazing quality and great features that have turned it into one of the most famous and valued World spices and Iran souvenir. In Iran, there are some cities that plant saffron and the most famous city of Iran for saffron is great Khorasan. One of the most exciting tours for international travelers is picking saffron flowers which help farmers to pick amazing valued saffron flowers. Due to its value saffron is also called red gold.

Iranian Saffron
Gaz And Sohan

Isfahan from ancient times has been a great center and bazaar for custom handicrafts. Aside from this Isfahan is also famous for its delicious and awesome quality nuts especially Gaz and Sohan. This souvenir is very popular among national and international travelers and is offered in different tastes and pockets with great and amazing quality. If you love delicious souvenir then our suggestion is Gaz and Sihan for you.

Iranian Gaz


One of the best and great Iran souvenirs from nuts is the famous Iran pistachio which is also called green gold. Kernan, Damghan, and Sabzewar pistachios are the most famous and delicious types of Iranian pistachio. For international travelers, pistachio is offered in beautiful and nicely design pockets. The picking season for pistachio is Shahrivar and Mehr and having fresh pistachio you will enjoy a great and very fresh taste. Make sure to buy Iranian famous pistachio as your souvenir and take with yourself for your family and friends as a great and enjoyable Iran memory and souvenir.

Iranian Pistachio
Iranian Hand Made Carpet

We all know that Iranian rugs and carpets are from the most popular Iran souvenir and exports. Although these carpets are pricy for sure you will enjoy the most high quality you will ever find among all World carpets. Iran carpets are World famous for its amazing beauty, glorious design and great quality and international travelers are loving this Iran souvenir so much in which they will at least buy one or two rugs or carpets to take with themselves. All cities of Iran create amazing carpets with unique designs and enjoyable views and among those Kashan and Tabriz carpets are the most famous Iranian carpets in Iran and Worldwide.

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Iran Caviar

Iran Caspian sea is World famous for its amazing quality Caviar. Caspian sea alone is supplying 90% of all World caviar. Caviar is pricy and the Iranian caviar is very pricy and amazingly delicious and is offering World the best and most high-quality World caviar. So if you love seafood and love tasting the best and of course the most expensive type of seafood then you can have and taste Iran caviar.

caviar in Iran

The Bottom Line

Iran as one of the most ancient and historic places of the World and rich culture has a lot to offer in terms of natural and historic attractions and souvenirs. In this article, we got to know the most famous Iran souvenir.

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