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Introduction to Biking Destinations of Iran 

Tourism in Iran is not limited to visiting historical monuments and mosques and other exciting parts await tourists. A cycling tour is one of the best ways to familiarize tourists with the sights and the native culture and to connect with people. If you are interested in cycling, of course with the list we will mention in this article, it is easier to choose your Iran biking tours route.

Kish Island, Where to participate in Iran Biking Tours 

Kish Island, located in the beautiful Persian Gulf, is 92 km square meters. As a result, it is easy to ride bicycles, especially as bike paths provide easier and safer conditions for tourists. With the possibility of renting a bike, tourists can choose a bike or a scooter. During the day, the island’s climate warms up, though hiking in the evening on the beaches with a clear blue sea can create a memorable time for any tourist.

biking in kish island

Lar National Park

The combination of excitement, nature, and culture encourages anyone interested in cycling at Lar National Park on the hillside of Damavand. The best time to visit this protected area is in the spring when the plants and animals are in their best condition and wonderful pictures can be taken. Despite minor challenges such as climbing hills and crossing rivers, spending time and biking in the park can undoubtedly be a memorable time for you.

biking tours in iran

Qeshm Island

Qeshm has Iran’s most pristine nature. Although it is the largest island in the Persian Gulf, tourists can bike around the beautiful island. In fact, tourists can cycle around the island on a 270-kilometer island, alongside numerous attractions such as the Star Valley, salt cave and mangrove forest as well as its scenic beaches. Also, they sometimes see camels along the way. Due to the warm and humid climate of the area, it is the best time for cycling in winter.

biking tours in iran

Cloud Jungle,  Paradise for Iran Biking Tours

If you have always dreamed of cycling or hiking in the clouds, you can achieve your dream in the cloud forest. This forest is almost on the border of the two provinces of Semnan and Golestan and is often known as the Ocean of Clouds because of the often cloudy atmosphere.

In this forest, the clouds are so close to the trees that the forest seems to be mounted on the clouds and can be traversed among the clouds and is believed by many tourists to be one of the most beautiful landscapes of Iranian nature.

Due to the pristine and lush nature of this forest, it is hard to believe that its southern part is bordered by the semi-arid Turan Park.

Tourists can start their journey from Shahrood to cycling along the 150 km of forest. Go through the jungle towards Aliabad and finally finish their trip to Gorgan.

biking tours in iran

Maranjab desert

Maranjab Desert is located 60 km northeast of Kashan and is one of the most beautiful Iranian deserts and an ideal place for cycling.

The variety of plants and animals, as well as attractions such as the salt lake and the wandering island (since it only appears during the rainy season).

It has made the desert one of the most popular destinations for adventurers. You will experience the magic of dirt roads and sand dunes, some of which reach up to 70 meters, by cycling in the Maranjab Desert. Finally, you can stay the night at the Maranjab inn, dating back to the 1012th lunar year.

iran biking tours

Gisoom Forest

Gisoom Forest is located on the Caspian border and is one of the most beautiful and peaceful parks in Iran. The asphalt path of this forest spirals through tall, lush trees that produce a lot of shade and often have misty weather. Cycling along this route makes you feel like you’re alone in the woods, though you might encounter some nasty beasts. The distinctive feature of the Gisoom forest is that you eventually reach the Caspian Sea, and depending on the season, you can swim.

iran biking tours

Kurdistan province

The province of Kurdistan is known for its beautiful and stunning nature. Cycling in the center of Zagros will be a fascinating and memorable experience for any tourist, because the pristine nature. Also, the remote villages and the hospitable people of Kurdistan and their wonderful culture will create a lot of fun for them. Due to the rough terrain and steep slopes in this part of Iran, more experience is needed for cycling.

iran biking tours

Caspian shores

The route to the Caspian coast starts from the coastal town of Astara and runs along the Caspian coast until it reaches Gorgan in the northeast. The route is about 750 km and tourists can enjoy many opportunities to explore, stop and enjoy themselves while cycling.

Tourists encounter a mix of diverse nature and culture as they cross the forest and sea and the Alborz Mountains as well as the small villages and local traditions of three different provinces in northern Iran.

biking tours in iran

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