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We are living in an era of the emergence of great, huge, and super luxury malls and shopping centers. Iran is not like a decade before at all. This historic yet modern country has turned into one of the most luxury and amazing centers of huge and beautiful multi-purpose shopping centers and malls and your choice is infinite. Although there are thousands of shopping centers in Iran in this article I’m going to introduce you to the best Iran mega malls and shopping centers.

Palladium – Tehran

Palladium is a great and super-luxury mega-mall and the shopping center located in the north of Tehran has everything you will ever need and imagine. You can shop, drink, eat, enjoy, amuse and whenever you feel tired guests yourself at one of its luxury and delicious restaurants and coffee shops. Rather all famous and luxury great brands exist in this shopping center also remind that luxury brands also come luxury spending. The palladium shopping center is in one of the most beautiful and pleasant north parts of Tehran at Moghadas Ardabili street before Alef square. Here is very busy at weekends and afternoons so I highly recommend you to refer Palladium shopping center in the morning.

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Rosha Shopping Center – Tehran

This ultra-modern and super luxury shopping center has been located at Farmanieh north of Tehran. This ultra-modern shopping center is designed in a way in which shops are not apart from each other and by walking you can enter one shop to another. In this luxury mall, you can find all luxury and famous brands from fashion and clothing to cosmetics and jewelry. Besides this, the hopping center has its own great restaurants and coffee shops which lets you take a rest and enjoy while you are shopping.


Sam Center Shopping Center – Tehran

Sam Center shopping center is the most luxurious and great Tehran shopping center. Its architecture is ultra-modern and super luxury full of amazing features and facilities. All the world’s best and most famous fashion and accessories brands are here at Sam Center shopping center. Sam Center is very unique and is not like other Tehran shopping centers. There are 27 super luxury unique stores inside this awesome shopping center in which each sells something unique and different and all are the most famous and World’s best luxury brands. This shopping center has been designed with international travelers in mind and besides awesome brands, its super luxury and beautiful restaurants and coffee shops are amazing gathering centers for any event, birthday, celebration or just a simple gathering.

Sam Center Tehran

Laleh Park Shopping Center-Tabriz

If you love to while you are traveling Tabriz has access to the best and most famous Worldwide clothing and fashion brands then Laleh park shopping center is your perfect choice. Laleh park shopping center is one of the most luxurious, famous, modern and full-featured Iran shopping centers. This shopping center is very chic and ultra-modern and for those who love purchasing Turkish brand clothing Laleh park shopping center is the best option. All of the great and super luxury brands have exclusive amazing full-featured stores here from Mavi, Givani, Mango, Adel, Couton, Fendi, Blaza, Trust and many more are here with their great quality and customer service.

Besides amazing super-luxury brand exclusive stores, this ultra-modern and chic shopping center has huge hypermarkets, confectionary stores, cinema, food courts, amusement centers and many more. Also, this great shopping center has considered Kaya hotel super luxury full-featured five stars hotels as their guests stay and comfortable luxury stay residence. So when are here you have access to all high-quality modern life features, facilities, and amenities. You can shop brand famous high-quality brands, entertain yourself with its great entertainment centers, having delicious food and drinks from its luxury coffee shops and take a rest at the best and most luxurious five stars hotel of Tabriz.

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City Center Shopping Center-Isfahan

This shopping center can be called the heart of Isfahan city. This is the biggest and most complete multi-purpose shopping center and complex of the city of Isfahan. This ultra-modern super luxurious shopping center has been located away from the city of Isfahan at Isfahan – Shiraz highway and has seven floors. This great shopping center has a huge hypermarket, luxurious local, national and international brand stores, amusement center, restaurants, fast foods, coffee shops, cinema, parking, financial services, and banks, parking, food courts, sports centers and all you can expect from a modern and super luxurious multi-purpose shopping center and complex. Here you can find all types of clothing and handicrafts to take with yourself as a souvenir. So if you love immersing yourself within the biggest and most modern shopping center of Isfahan then welcome City Center shopping center.

Isfahan city center scaled

Almase Shargh Shopping Center – Mashhad

If you are looking for the best shopping center of Mashhad then Almase Shargh shopping center is familiar for you. This modern shopping center has a great unique architecture. There is a blue dumb on its ceiling which has created great architecture and shapes for this shopping center. This great shopping center has six floors and is equipped with great attractions, amusement centers, luxury brand stores, and traditional and modern restaurants and coffee shops. So if you love experiencing the modern lifestyle and amazing atmosphere then Almase Shargh shopping center is your perfect shopping hub.

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Tajrish Arg – Tehran

Before or after exploring Tajrish square we can visit this modern and awesome shopping center. Tajrish Arg shopping center has five floors and has put inside itself the best luxury clothing, accessory, perfume, cosmetics, and jewelry brands. This modern shopping center is not for shopping only and you can find great and luxury restaurants and coffee shops inside this shopping center to have, drink, enjoy, amuse and take a rest when you feel tired also at the roof of this beautiful shopping center you can find green roof Arg restaurant to not only enjoy delicious food and drink but also its amazing view of Tehran and Tajrish square.

Arg e Tajrish Shopping Center

The Bottom Line

Iran is a great destination not only for its beautiful and attractive historic attractions or its amazing natural sightseeings but also for its all modern life features, attractions, and icons. Iran is now a great modern country full of super luxury and modern shopping centers with all major national and international brands which have turned Iran into one of the most attractive shopping centers of the Middle East and Iran.

Iran not only is a historic and cultural destination but a fully modern attractive county with super luxurious shopping centers and malls which you can enjoy the best shop with the most affordable prices. If you love to explore Iran’s modern era please contact us to plan your best trip ever.










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