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Where to stay in Sarein?

Sarein is a very great and nice city located in the northwest part of the glorious country of Iran. Sarein is famous for its amazing pleasant weather and hot water springs. Sarein travelers are more in summer. The reason is clear in the summer Sarein weather is very moderate and pleasant. When in summer country become warm, Sarein becomes a great destination for traveling to enjoy its cool, nice, and pleasant weather and atmosphere.

When choosing your destination to travel Sarein, the first thing anyone will ask is where to stay? Where are the best and most luxurious Sarein hotels? In this article, all these questions will be answered and we will get to know the best hotels Sarein has to offer you.

Sarein Ershad Hotel

Sarein Ershad hotel has great reviews and feedbacks from its customers and this shows we are seeing a very nice and good hotel. Ershad Sarein hotel is a four stars hotel with over 35 years old history. Over the years this hotel has modernized its infrastructure, features, facilities, and furniture. Sarein is famous for its awesome natural hot water springs and hot water complexes but when you reside in this hotel there is no need to go out, there is a great hot water complex inside Sarein Ershad hotel.

Hotel worker’s good behavior and clean rooms are this hotel’s nice benefits and advantages.

Sarein Ershad hotel has all great features and modern facilities you will ever need and expect from a modern luxury hotel from great coffee shops and restaurants to pools, suna, jacuzzi, hot water, internet, latest technologies, and all entertainment facilities.

Sarein Ershad Hotel 

Rezvan Sarein Hotel

Rezvan Sarein hotel is the other great modern and luxury Sarein four stars hotel. This hotel has been locating in the center of the city. This hotel has been totally restructured in 1395 so we are facing a new modern hotel. Residence units are located at four different blocks and are a great space for people who want independent space and atmosphere.

This hotel has also good reviews and feedbacks, workers are polite and good behavior and rooms are full-featured and clean. The only negative review of this hotel is the quality of its foods.

This four stars hotel has all modern features and facilities and is ready to welcome you warmly. High-speed free internet and great traditional restaurants are its benefits and advantages.

Sarein Laleh Hotel

Sarein Laleh hotel is exactly in front of the Sabalan hydrotherapy complex. It has been located at Danesh street one of the main and most important streets of the Sarein. This hotel is one of the most famous and known hotels of the Sarein. It started ain1374 and modernized and restructured ain1394. One of the nice advantages of this hotel is its very short distance to the Alvarest tourism and entertainment center. This hotel has received great feedback and reviews and is an awesome place to stay and enjoy the magnificent nature and weather of Sarein city.

All features, facilities, services, and technologies you expect from a great modern and luxurious hotel are ready here.

Sarein Laleh Hotel 

Amtrak Sarein Hotel

Amtrak Sarein hotel is a great three stars hotel in Sarein and is one of the best hotels in this city. A great hotel locating in the north part of the city in front of the forest area of Ganzagh and Sabalan mountain. This location is one of the main reasons for the popularity of this hotel a d it’s natural as views are breathtaking and the weather is like heaven. This hotel consists of two buildings one with four floors and the other one with seven floors and totally has 38 rooms.

Great behavior of its workers and amazing guests’ feedback will make sure you will experience a great stay and travel at this hotel.

The hotel is full of great features and modern facilities including coffee shops, restaurants, entertainment centers, massage, and spa rooms, pools, jacuzzi, steam and dry sona, shopping center and different modern and traditional shopping stores and all amenities you will ever need.


The Bottom Line 

If you love to enjoy very great, pleasant and nice weather and atmosphere then Sarein is an awesome city for you. Sarein is a great city famous for its amazing weather, beautiful nature and natural attractions and hot water springs. In this article, the best hotels of Sarein were introduced you to help you experience a great stay at the magnificent city of Sarein.

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