Sarein hot springs

There are lots of hot water springs all over Iran. But when we hear hot water spring we remember Sarein. There are over twenty hot water springs all over the Sarein city and every year lots of people from different cities of Iran and World international countries travel Sarein to visit hot water springs and try to cure all their different problems by these hot water springs. Among all these hot water springs at Sarein which one are the greatest and best of the best hot water springs? In this article, I’m going to answer these questions.

Royal Park Hotel Hot Water

Sarein Royal Park hotel is a super luxury awesome four stars hotel which has put the first Iran hydrotherapy inside itself. This luxury and modern complex is under the observation of the World hydrotherapy union and has many parts including relaxation, spa, and massage rooms, ready to serve local, national and international guests and travelers.

Royal Park hot water has VIP pools and jacuzzi. The water of all these parts is filled with Gavmish Goli spring and that’s the reason which many therapeutic benefits and advantages. As the same its minerals are absorbed very fast by the skin.

Hot Springs iran

Ershad ( Pahnloo ) Hot Water

Mineral hot water spring of Pahnloo has been located in the east part of the city. And because unfortunately, it is only for men for hydrotherapy we can head into Sarein Ershad hotel.

Pool of this complex has been filled by water of Pahnloo hot water spring and include two different parts for men and women . Existence of pools for children, message, hot and dry sauna, jacuzzi, hot waterfall, cold water tunnel, and Turkish bath has made this complex one of the most complete, modern and luxury hydrotherapy centers and complexes of Iran. Cure of nervous, joint and muscle pains are from great advantages and benefits of this mineral hot water spring.

sarein hot springs

Gave Souie Hot Water

Gave Souie hot water is one of the other Sarein hot water springs. Has been located inside a hotel apartment of this name. This hot water has a mineral pool, children pool and jacuzzi, group jacuzzi and dry and boil sauna. This comes as two different parts for men and women and mornings are less busier than any other time of the day.

This hot water is especially useful for eye therapy. And drinking it is useful and is suggested for the therapy of bowel disease, kidney stones, and veins congestion.

sarein hot springs

Iranian Hydro Therapy Complex

Iranian hydrotherapy complex has been located at the entrance of the Sarein city. The pool of this complex is 450 meters and based on people and expert reviews are one of the best and cleanest pools of the Sarein a This great complex has two different parts for men and women and its steam collect machine and technology help the water is not so hot and smoky.

Iranian hydrotherapy complex has many jacuzzis and has two slopes for children and adults which has turned this complex into an amusement center too. Friday afternoon is very busy.

hot springs sarein

Aftab City Hydro Therapy Complex

A little bit away from Sarein city we will arrive in Aftab city hydrotherapy complex. This hydrotherapy complex has been located at a place known as Salamat or Pahnloo valley.

The first phase of this complex has four floors and includes many parts including adult pools, cold water tunnel, sauna, jacuzzi, amusement park, private pool, coffee shops, and the second phase is under construction.

The Bottom Line

Iran as a country has great attractions to visit and one of its attractions which of course is health-related and medical are hot water springs. In Iran, there are lots of hot water springs all around the country all with their own unique advantages and benefits. But there is one city which is famous for its hot water springs. The city is Sarein which has been located in the northwest part of Iran. Although there are over 20 hot water springs in Sarein some of them are the best which I tried to show you in this article, hope you enjoy this and assist you in your Iran journey.

If you love to plan your health tourism travel in Iran, please contact us to start your luxury and enjoyable trip today.

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