Eram Garden Shiraz

Tired from traveling and walking populated streets of the city arrive a place full of amazing and colorful nature, flowers and trees. As if you are not on Earth and from Earth we have been put inside a very different place. This is what most of the Iran gardens are full of life, nature, beauty, flowers, trees and amazing famous Iranian architecture. Besides all Iran’s great historic and modern icons and attractions which are very awesome and magnificent, there are amazing gardens all over the country which will make you alive and excited. Here in this article, we will get to know the best Iran gardens to visit as a tourist or traveler. So stay with us to discover this lesser-known Iran magnificent attractions which are beautiful Iranian gardens.

Shazdeh Garden Mahan

Eight gardens of Iran have been registered Worldwide and Kerman Prince Mahan garden is among these eight wonderful gardens. This Kerman Prince Mahan garden has been located exactly at the heart of the desert that’s why is so unique and exceptional. You are walking inside the desert and suddenly you arrive in an amazing place full of nature, water, life, colorful flowers, and trees as if you have reached heaven. Yes, heaven at the heart of the desert is Kerman Prince Mahan’s garden.

This garden is multi floors gardens and is so amazing and fictional. This wonder has been built in the Qajar era and walking inside it is like seeing heaven in sleep. This enjoyable garden also has great restaurants, coffee shops, and stores to shop so make sure to buy your wonderful souvenir from this heaven too.

You can visit Kerman Prince Mahan garden every day, all over the week from 09:00 to 19:00.

Address: this amazing garden has been located 35km of southeast Kerman and 6km of Mahan city exactly besides Ekhtiar Abad town. 

Shazdeh Garden Mahan

Chehelsotoun Garden

Isfahan is full of amazing and wonderful attractions. From its glorious bridges to its great Naghsge Jahan square you want to just travel this city and explore its enjoyable attractions. From the oldest and most beautiful hotel of the World Abbasi hotel to its glorious bridges you will fully enjoy Isfahan but all these attractions don’t mean Chehelsoton garden is not awesome. This garden is one of the most beautiful and great gardens of Iran and the World.

The reasons why it’s called Chehelsoton is not very vivid and clear. There are actually 20 pillars inside this garden and being said when the mirror on the water becomes 40 pillars but the most real reason may be this reason that it’s called Chehelsoton to show its greatness and wonder.

When you enter this super luxury garden you will be wondered by its amazing nature, colorful flowers, great trees, and exciting Iranian architecture. Then you will see great wooden pillars and enter its glorious mansion which has been designed and decorated with beautiful paintings and architecture. Sure you will enjoy this exciting garden and will last a great memory inside your mind.

You can visit this beauty and wonderful garden daily from 8:30  morning to 19 afternoons.

Address: Standard street. 

Chehel Sotun Palace scaled

Eram Garden

Shiraz is famous for its many awesome gardens. When you are at Shiraz you will actually feel you are in the middle of World gardens. Shiraz is full of super luxury and enjoyable gardens and one of the most beautiful Shiraz, Iran, and World gardens is Shiraz Eram garden. In this garden their lots of flowers and trees. A lot of flowers and trees and plants which we may not have been heard many of its names.

This amazing wonder belongs to the Qajar era and inside its mansion has been designed and decorated with awesome and beautiful paintings and architecture.

You are invited to explore this one of the most beautiful and pleasant gardens of the World for yourself, enjoy pleasant and famous weather of Shiraz and get to know kind people and Iranian beautiful famous architecture better . Turn around and explore its different types of gardens and flowers, trees and plants and complete your journey with visiting beautiful garden mansion designed beautifully with great paintings showcasing Iran great history and art.

You can visit this garden in the first two months of the year from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. The rest of the year you can visit this garden from 8 a.m to 13: 30 p.m and from 14: 30 p.m to 17 p.m.

Address: Eram street. 

Eram Garden

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