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If you love to taste the spicy and famous hot spicy Indian foods and interested in these types of foods or love to experience a new type of international food then Welcome Tehran great Indian restaurants. Tehran as a great megacity of Iran, Middle East, and World is not only full of modern and super luxurious Iranian restaurants serving traditional delicious Iranian foods but also full of great, super luxury and brand five-star international foods ranging from French and English to American, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Arabic and of course Indian and many more foods. Indian foods are famous for being spicy and hot and if you love these types of foods or just interested to experience Indian foods then here in this article I’m going to introduce you the best of the best Indian restaurants of Tehran, so let’s get started to get to know the most luxurious Indian restaurants of Tehran together.

Chingari Restaurant

Experience the best and noble Indian foods. This is the slogan of the Indian restaurant of Chingari. Many of people who love and taste Indian foods in Iran and Tehran believe this restaurant is offering and serving the best Indian foods which are not only noble and Indian but also is appropriate for international food lovers. Also besides its national and international customers, Indians are also here in this restaurant and this means this restaurant provides high quality noble Indian foods.

This is a very modern and chic restaurant with nice lighting and luxury feeling and atmosphere. When you enter this restaurant you will see a dark and cozy place and atmosphere with different types of Indian famous statues which make you feel traveled to India. There are different types of furniture inside this restaurant from relaxing ones to luxury chairs and tables which based on your taste and preference you can choose where to sit.

The menu of this restaurant is diverse and full of different types of Indian meat and vegetarian foods. So you will for sure find your taste and most appropriate foods for yourself here. If you love to taste spicy noble Indian foods inside a luxurious Indian atmosphere then this restaurant is your awesome fit.

Taj Mahal Restaurant

Maharaja Restaurant

This is the oldest Indian restaurant in Tehran megacity.

This old and famous Indian restaurant in Tehran opened the same time as the Jahan hotel opening in 1340 and has over 56 years of history. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very exciting. This restaurant is full of Indian animal statues and icons and you will actually feel inside an Indian bazaar and among Indian people while you are here at this restaurant. So if you love to see and experience the Indian atmosphere and people then this old and historic restaurant with its great and exciting Indian atmosphere and architecture welcomes you. Just its decoration and type of assets are an attraction for itself in which provides a unique experience for national and international visitors and customers.

Here you are entertained by Indian traditional music and served by Indian traditional bread and menu, of course, is full of different types of Indian foods from rice foods to meat and vegetables you are sure to find your taste inside this exciting and historic Indian restaurant of Tehran.

Chingari Restaurant scaled

Taj Mahal Restaurant

This is one of the most famous restaurants in Tehran and the most famous Indian restaurant in Tehran. The reason is that first of all it has been located beside the Taj Mahal hotel and is situated at one of the most famous and strategic highways of Tehran. Here in this restaurant, you can control the spicy level of your Indian food and this is the competitive advantage of this restaurant which attracts Indian lovers who love less spicy foods.

Here you will find all different types of Indian foods and feel relaxed as the atmosphere here is super luxurious and relaxing. If you love a new experience to taste Indian foods but based on your taste and at the same time see Indian culture then this restaurant is perfect for you.

Tehran is full of great Indian restaurants and these are the best of the best Indian restaurant in Tehran.

Taj Mahal Restaurant scaled

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