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Tehran is probably the best city in Iran for going to the cinema and having fun in its halls. Tehran’s move to build, operate and support modern cinema complexes to change the lifeblood of Iranians. This is why, the industry gains remarkable progress in recent years, with Iranian films stepping up internationally.

Tehran currently has eight premier cinemas with a total of 5 halls, including the Charsu, Cyrus, Raga, Melat, Azadi, Zendegi, Tamasha, Farhang, Kian, and Razi cinema campuses. In addition to Tehran’s cinemas, all of which have their own characteristics, the tourist attractions of Tehran each attract tourists.

 Cinema Complex of Mellat Gallery- Tehran

One of Tehran’s best cinemas, and certainly the most unique in terms of modern concrete and glass architecture, is next to Mellat Park and has produced one of Tehran’s most spectacular urban compositions. Melat’s campus has four movie theaters with a capacity of 280 people and a special screening hall with a capacity of 30 people.

In addition, paintings and photography galleries, cultural product shops, beautiful cafés, and a beautiful park with a magnificent view of the park make Mellat Campus one of the best cultural and recreational places in Tehran. A place where both international festivals such as the Fajr Film Festival and Tehrani families can use their leisure time.

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Gholhak Cinema Complex

The Gholhak Cinema Complex is located in an area of ​​approximately 4,000 square meters on Glacier Street. So, for the benefit of the citizens of the region, the complex includes squash, futsal, gym, international restaurant, fast food restaurant, library hall, and a movie theater. Cinema Complex Management proudly launched the first “Private Cinema of the Country” to enhance the technical level of cinema residents, students, and cinema enthusiasts.

Regarding community needs, comedy theater and film screenings of Iranian Cinema Day are ready to explore on the campus of Gholak Campus. As a result, It features blockbusters (any movie or art product that gained immense popularity and sales) and new and old Hollywood animations, and enthusiasts can view the monthly program on these websites or the Cinema Instagram page. Regular broadcasts of English-language films have made it one of the favorite cinemas for movie and cinema lovers, though they have to pay a small membership fee to watch it.

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Charsu Cinema Complex

Tehran Charsu Cinema Complex is one of the capital’s new Cinema Campuses and is locating on the seventh floor of the Charsu Market Complex. The seven-story building of the Charsu Cinema Complex boasts a modern and different exterior, among other buildings. Accordingly, this building has actually all standards and the materials of a modern building with specific high quality.

All the auditoriums of the Charsu Cinema Complex are on the seventh floor. The complex features 5 cinemas with state-of-the-art digital cinema technology, and number one is the largest with 330 seats and 30 disabled seats. It is also used for conferences, concerts, and shows as well as film screenings. With the exception of Hall No. 1, the rest of the Charsu Cinema Complex is used solely for film screenings. Hall number two and three with 140 seats and 6 seats for the disabled and Hall four and five with 125 seats and 4 seats for the handicapped are welcome to art lovers.

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The Best Cinema Complexes In Tehran 10

Cinema Complex of Book Garden

The Cinema Complex of Tehran Book Garden is part of the cultural-artistic complex of Tehran Book Garden, which hosts cinema and theater enthusiasts. As a result, this cultural center has 11 cinemas and theaters, located on the ground floor, basement, and roof of Tehran Book Garden. The Book Garden’s is located near a store of artwork and a cinema café.

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Iran Mall Cinema Complex of Tehran

Situated on the west side of the Iran mall complex, the cinema complex has 12 large movie theaters with a capacity of 1800 seats. Three VIP venues with a capacity of 17 people are also existing for those who wants a different ciname type. Among all movie complexes of Iran, this complex is owning the largest screen as well.

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Megamall cinema complex of Tehran

Megamall Cinema Complex is one of the largest cinema campuses in Tehran and is located in the Megamall commercial-entertainment complex. With 10 movie theaters and a capacity of 1,400 seats, the complex welcomes fans of different types of movies. The largest auditorium has a capacity of 300, with theater and concerts available.

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Tehran’s Arg Cinema Complex

Arg complex of Tehran located within Tajrish square is a superb highlighted complex embracing cinema as well. The great thing about the Organ Cinema Campus is that Hall 3 tickets to this collection are family or organ reserved. Complex lounges will also be screened only if at least 10 tickets have been sold. It is also forbidden to broadcast social videos for children under 7 years of age.

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