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What’s The Best Tehran Souvenir And Where To Buy?

Maybe you think Tehran doesn’t have lots of souvenirs which somehow you are right. Because most of the handicrafts also exist in other cities of the Iran which themselves produce . That’s why when we speak about Tehran souvenirs the only thing you might think about is fashion and clothes because Tehran is full of colorful super luxury and awesome malls and shopping centers and in every street of the city you can find at least one or two malls or shopping center. If you think so so stay with us to see for yourself what others Tehran has to offer you.


Where To Buy Tehran’s Best Souvenirs?

Besides buying clothes and accessories from important and great Tehran malls and shopping centers like Palladium, Sam Center, Tajrish Arg, Vanak shopping center, there are other options too.

Tehran Bazaar

It’s famous that when you enter Tehran Bazaar you will be sure you will not come back empty. Because at Tehran Bazaar choices are endless and infinite. From nice smell spices and foods to colorful cloth and dishes you can buy from Tehran Bazaar.

Address: Panzdah Khordad Square 

Population scaled

Parvaneh Parking

The other option is going to Parvaneh Mall at the Istanbul intersection, Tehran. If you go there on Fridays you will never ever come back empty. At Parvaneh Mall or Tehran Friday bazaar you can buy other cities souvenirs like colorful and beautiful traditional clothes, pottery, clothes, head scarfs, carpets and different kinds of colorful dishes and antiques with the best and the most appropriate and lowest prices.

parvaneh parking tehran

Tajrish Bazaar

From the other places which can help you to buy souvenirs is Tajrish bazaar. The great smell of fresh fruits with its amazing colors and homemade sour has filled the space of Tajrish bazaar. At the season of berries and state which is the beginning of summer, you can buy awesome original berries from Tehran gardens. Damavand delicious and nice smell apple is another option which you can take as a souvenir with yourself. The attraction of this bazaar is so much in which you are in the temptation to buy anything lime mountain vegetables.

Tajrish Bazaar

Villa Street

To buy a souvenir from Tehran, there are other options too. Like buying handicrafts from Villa Street. Throughout the street is full of handicrafts stores which sell different kinds of mirror and crystals, tapestry, silver dishes and beautiful pottery. If you love traditional souvenir then this street is your heaven to choose and buy your awesome souvenir.

villa street tehran

Great Smell Of Coffee From Tehran Side Walks

From Tehran the other souvenir is coffee. Tehran coffee stores which their great smell is all over the city streets and sidewalks is one the best Tehran souvenir which you can take with yourself. Now where you can find the best coffee as your Tehran souvenir, there are some options for you :

At the north part of the Haft Tir square and beginning of the north Mofateh street, there is an old coffee store with the name of the Edena store. This small store is full of awesome and high-quality different kinds of coffees which can be your awesome Tehran souvenir.

Set coffee store before Ferdowsi square and at the Villa store has great not milled coffee grains.

Istanbul intersection which sometimes was the center of Tehran coffee centers was full of coffee stores that closed but there is one coffee store which is the most famous one known as Rio coffee is open and is full of great coffees.

Lamiz Coffee

Delicious Souvenir

From Darband you can take very delicious sour and alouche with yourself as a souvenir which is famous for it’s awesome sour and alone and of course its amazing nature and mountain.

Other Options  

In recent years, small and big stores have been opened which sell beautiful decorative assets. One of these stores you can fund at 63 Hayat Coffee which is located at Ferdowsi square. Also by referring to Tehran different book cities, you can find your great and most appropriate Tehran souvenir.

The Bottom Line 

Tehran is an awesome historic city with a history of over 230 years as the Capital of Iran. Besides Tehran’s super luxury and great shopping stores and malls, there are also other malls and bazaars in which you find and buy awesome assets and accessories to take with yourself as Tehran souvenir.



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