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Tehran is like a piece of history, a piece like a ship in the sea in which has seen many ups and downs. Has seen wrath waves and has been calm sometimes. Its historic clew besides its old human is its historic buildings and streets which have kept their own historic taste and color. Tehran is full of amazing and lovely historic attractions and sightseeings so let’s explore the best Tehran historic places to visit.

Abgineh Museum

Abgineh museum has been located at historic Si Tir street which has been put many historic attractions inside itself. When you enter the street and walk forward for a while on the left side you will see awesome Abgineh museum attraction. A museum in which has been the office of Qavam-ol saltaneh, politician and prime minister of Qajar and Pahlavi kingdom. Behind the fence of the museum, we see a beautiful house that is stunning. This museum is a place to show and keep pottery and glass circumstances. You can visit the Abgineh museum always every day of the week except Monday from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.

Address: number 55, Si Tir street, Jomhouri street 

Abgineh Museum

National Garden Head

At the end of Si Tir street, we will reach the National Garden Head. National Garden Head has been built between years 1301 to 1304 by the order of Reza Shah. Has been located at the north of Imam Khomeini street, east of foreign affairs ministry and west of post and telegraph museum. Before Azadi Tower, National Garden Head was an icon of the Iran capital, Tehran. This head actually was the entrance gate into Mashgh square which was a military area. After turning Mashgh square into Park Shahr, Mashgh square named National Garden Head. You can visit all the day of the week from 7 a.m to 7 p.m.

Address: Imam Khomeini street. 

national garden

Golestan Palace

Inside the area of Tehran Bazaar, historic buildings like the national bank have been located. Going forward we will reach to Golestan palace. Golestan palace has been seen the coronation of Ahmad Shah, Mozafaraldin Shah, Reza Shah and Mohammad Reza Shah of Pahlavi. The opening of the constituent assembly has happened here too. Golestan Palace has been built during Shah Tahmasb Safavi but its inside palaces and castles have been built during Qajar. Every year in the first three days of Noroz eve more than 12000 people visit Golestan palace. You can visit Golestan palace all around the year, the first six months from 9 a.m to 6 p.m and the second six months from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.

Address: Tehran Arg square. 

Golestan Palace

Ferdows Garden

At the center of the city, there are mansions like Kolah Farangi a d Sepah square but it’s not possible to visit this mansion. Now we go to see an amazing historic attraction in the north of Tehran. Inside Valiasr street and before Tajrish, Fredown garden has been located. Ferdows garden these days are known for its coffee shops and cinema museums is memorable in the Qajar period. This garden has been built by the order of Qajar Mohammad Shah at 1246. Ferdows garden is an awesome place for waking and you visit it all the time morning and night.

Cinema Music

Saad Abad Palace

Saad Abad palace is one the most stunning and full of trees part of Tehran. Zaferanieh area. Saad Abad palace has been seen four historic periods of Qajar, first Pahlavi, second Pahlavi and the current time. Saad Abad palace has been built at the Qajar period and has been a settlement of Qajar kings at the summer for is amazing weather and stunning nature and view. After 1299 coup and occupancy by Akbari Family more than 18 mansions but inside this complex in which each of them was the residence of Pahlavi family members. The green castle is the most beautiful mansion of this complex that belonged to Reza Shah. You can visit this complex every day and all around the year from morning to night.

Sa'ad Abad Palace

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