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Tabiat Bridge Brief Information

Tehran as the capital of Iran located in the north part of Iran is one of the most populated and biggest cities in the World. Tehran has over 20M population and is a must-see city. Azadi Tower and Milad Tower are the two most iconic views of Tehran and now Tabiat Bridge is the third exciting new view of Tehran. In this article, I’m going to speak about this beautiful attraction of Tehran. 

Tabiat Bridge is a three floors bridge located in the north of Tehran at Abbas Abad area connecting to the parks of Teghani and the Water and Fire park together. This amazingly beautiful bridge has 300 meters long and 40 meters in height. Architecture is very modern and unique with great areas for walking full of restaurants and coffee shops. Tabiat Bridge is the first and long pedestrian area of the Middle East. Amazing lighting, awesome view, pleasant weather, and modern gardening have turned this bridge into one of the best and most attractive sightseeings and attractions of Tehran and Iran. 

Why Tabiat Bridge?

  • This bridge provides an awesome, unique view of always live city of Tehran. 
  • It is a famous and known new iconic attraction of Tehran. 
  • It is not just for a walk and has been designed in a way in which people can spend a happy time inside this bridge. 
  • This modern bridge has received many international rewards as one of the most beautiful attractions of the World. 
  • Amazing modern flowers and gardening are what make this a very unique bridge. 
  • An awesome and beautiful place for taking photos and selfies. 
  • Has daily local, national, and international travelers and tourists. 
  • Full of modern and delicious restaurants, coffee shops, and food courts. 
  • A must-see attraction for any lover of Tehran and Iran. 

The first floor with its glass walls is full of delicious restaurants, coffee shops and galleries with local and international foods, drinks and finger foods. In the second floor and third floor of the bridge, you can walk and enjoy breathtaking land escape and view of Tehran and its modern beautiful flowers, gardens, and pleasant weather. 

Experience Great Food

Tabiat bridge from its entrance to exit is full of awesome and modern restaurants, coffee shops and food courts. So after and while walking take time for yourself and taste delicious drinks and foods. Coffees are awesome, Iranian food is very tasty and pasts are very great and enjoyable. Also having pizza while enjoying view has great joy. Be sure to have tea or coffee with chocolate cakes too these are one the most delicious foods of this magnificent attraction. 

Enjoy Walking

Walking here is a very great and unique experience you start from the bridge and while walking you can enjoy an amazing view, awesome weather, an enjoyable atmosphere, and luxury and ultra-modern architecture. When walking you can go from one park to the other park and see trees, jungles, streets, and all wonder statues and attractions are there just to be enjoyed by walkers. 

How to get there?

You can easily reach here through your personal car, taxi, bus, or even subway. Tabiat Bridge is located in the north part of Tehran and from anywhere in the city you can easily get here as this magnificent attraction is known and famous for all the people and drivers of the city. 

Tehran is the historic capital of Iran and a history of over 230 years is one of the biggest cities of the World with a population of over 20M with diverse people, cultures, and beliefs. Tehran has many awesome and beautiful attractions like Azadi Tower, Milad Tower, and the new modern attraction on Tabiat Bridge. Tabiat Bridge is one of the most famous and beautiful attractions of the city which is st-visit sightseeing with below competitive advantages and features : 

  • Amazing modern look and architecture 
  • A great place to walk
  • Full of awesome restaurants, coffee shops, and food courts 
  • Breathtaking views of Tehran 
  • A modern icon of the Tehran 
  • Great place for taking photos and selfies 
  • A very unique attraction built with modern and unique architecture to connect two parks together, a great walking environment combined with marvelous places to food and drink 
  • Easy to get there with private or public transportation 
  • It is open from 6 a.m to 30 a.m 
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