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Iran is a vast land and every corner of it has different weather conditions. Some areas are desert and arid, humid and temperate, and some are mountainous. The two mountains of Alborz and Zagros and its high peaks have been covered with snow for many days of the year, making it ideal for ski enthusiasts.

Iran’s ski resorts host a large number of ski enthusiasts each year who come from various cities to enjoy the area.

Skiing is an expensive sport and is best suited for the well-to-do, but we recommend enjoying this exciting sport for once. For this reason, we recommend taking advantage of this year’s winter cold and enjoying the snow skiing experience by purchasing Iran ski tour.

Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin Ski Resort is the most important ski resort of Iran and the Middle East located in Karaj, Alborz province. Among the Iranian ski resorts, the first to be recognized and to host international competitions was the Dizin ski resort. Dizin Ski Resort has 23 ski slopes and there is a 7.5 km ski slope that varies from 3600 m to 2650 m.

Dizin provides most skiers with open time from early December to late May. In summer, the Dizin ski resort is very cool and pleasant and there is a possibility of skiing on the grass.

Among the tracks around Tehran, the Dizin Ski Resort is the first and best option for skiing. Dizin ski resort is also the most equipped ski resort in Iran. Dizin has 4 cabins, 9 plate skis, and 1 hammer trap.

As you know, Dizin Ski Resort is Iran’s first ski resort. With the approval of the World Ski Federation, it has used the international title and title to hold official competitions. Facilities include 2 hotels, 19 cottages, and 5 restaurants and are a great place for group travel.

dizin ski resort

Where Is Dizin Ski Resort?

You must have heard the name Chalus Road, where millions of Tehran’s people go north every year. The best way to reach the Dizin ski resort, is to reach Chalus Road. Located 80 km from the Chalus Road after crossing the Gachser Hotel, the main Dizin ski resort is located.

Dizin Ski Tour

The first suggestion of ski professionals for those who want to experience skiing in the form of a ski tour is the Dizin Ski Tour. Dizin ski tours are usually accompanied by accommodation at the beautiful Dizin Hotel. The Dizin ski tour is often held for three days and is suitable for families, especially young people. Team skiing emphasizes teamwork so if you are a social person you can spend three good days in the beautiful nature of Dizin.

Dizin Hotel

The Dizin Tourism Hotel is next to the Dizin Ski Resort, and the hotel’s windows open to the runway, forming a beautiful landscape. Designed in 1970, the Dizin Hotel is a large hotel with 154 rooms and 450 beds. The hotel has a coffee shop and a restaurant.

A ski shop is located at the hotel, and those who cannot afford it for any reason can rent their ski equipment. So we suggest you, tourists, to buy this hotel for your stay in Dizin after purchasing the Iran ski tour.

Alvares ski resort

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Skiing In Iran

Tehran is spread over the southern slopes of the central Alborz Mountains. The Alborz Range is geologically the continuation of the Alpine folds in Europe. So don’t worry too much about traveling to Switzerland and skiing in the Alps. Because the best ski resorts in Iran are in the Alborz range.

The most important ski resorts in Tehran is Dizin Ski Resort and just to get there you have to get to Dizin after a few kilometers of driving on mountain roads. Dizin Ski Resort is a beautiful ski resort that attracts ski enthusiasts from afar every year.

It is also a good suggestion for those looking for an Iran ski tour and an exciting experience in a particular environment. Dizin Ski Resort, which we will introduce you to in this report, is Iran’s largest ski resort.

One-day or multi-day ski tours are the best offer that can make a skier happy in the cold season. Even if you are not a professional skier, you can experience the ski tour once in a while. Iran ski tours are cheaper than the countries with ski tours and, of course, the quality of the ski runs. So that the Iran ski tour is always on the skateboarding program of foreign professionals.

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