Masghati Shiraz

The Most Popular Shiraz Souvenir

Shiraz is one of the most important tourist destinations of Iran for both national and international travelers. Most famous as the capital and center of the biggest and greatest empire of the World, Persian Empire. Shiraz is famous for its pleasant weather and climate, kind and very welcoming people and amazing buildings and mansions from the great Persian Empire. Shiraz is a host of some of the most exciting and best Iran attractions and is full of awesome historic, traditional and natural attractions. Located at the center of the Iran Shiraz is one of the most beautiful and biggest cities in Iran and somehow the most popular tourist city in Iran. Alongside offering the greatest historic and natural sightseeings, Shiraz is a great city for both edible and handicrafts souvenirs. So when you travel Shiraz you are for sure to take very nice Shiraz souvenir with yourself to let you remember great memory of Shiraz and great  Persian Empire and want you to do it again and make it a fresh and live memory. In this article together we will get to know the most popular and amazing Shiraz souvenir.


Youth is a type of traditional Shiraz confectionary. Youth is being made from a thin dough. On top of this dough is pouring sugar powder and cinnamon then rolling this dough and cut thin. This is a very tasty and delicious confectionary and is one of the most delicious Shiraz souvenirs.

kashk scaled


Masghati is one of the most famous and popular Shiraz souvenirs. Maserati is a type of Halva which is being made from starch and pistachio nuts. As one of the most famous, popular and delicious Shiraz confectionaries and souvenirs has different tastes and shapes and colors from saffron to pistachio and flower and crimson. Make sure to taste this amazingly tasty candy of Shiraz with whatever taste, shape and color you love and take as one of the best and tasty Shiraz souvenirs with yourself.

Masghati Shiraz

Shiraz Cookie

Shiraz cookie is a type of confectionary like rice confectionery and is mostly sold beside Masghati. This cookie is being prepared, designed and decorated with different shapes, colors, and tastes. If you love cookies then Shiraz cookie will be one of your most popular and favorite cookies you have ever tasted and have had. As one of the most popular and tasty Shiraz confectionaries this cookie is very popular among local people, national and international tourists, and travelers.

Shiraz cookie

Herbal Sweat

Shiraz is one of the most important and biggest cities of Iran enjoying a very strategic location, located at the center of Iran, this strategic location has given Shiraz one of the best and most pleasant weather and climate of the country. This great climate has led to building Shiraz the best green environment and gardens. These gardens and green farms with great and nice weather produce the best type of herbal sweat and tea and drink great for body and healthiness. So if you love healthy drinks then Shiraz offers you the best type of herbal sweat and healthy drinks as a great city souvenir.

Shiraz herbal sweats

Shiraz Lemon

One of the most famous and freshest Shiraz fruits as a souvenir is the famous Shiraz lemon fruit. Shiraz is full of great fruit gardens and you can shop fresh lemon fruit from these gardens as one of the best Shiraz edible souvenirs which are used in different foods and drinks for its great taste and color.

Shiraz lemon


Shiraz is a very historic city and from Great Persian Empire buildings, you can see amazing Iranian ancient architecture. With this great history and architecture, Shiraz is Iran one of the birthplaces of handicraft materials. So if you love shop theses kinds of souvenirs then visit handicraft stores and Shiraz traditional bazaars and choose from a wide variety of Shiraz great handicraft arts.

Khatam Kari Shiraz

The Bottom Line 

Shiraz is one of the most enjoyable and glorious destinations of the World. Capital of Great Persian Empire with amazing history and full of delicious and awesome edible and handicrafts souvenir hosting all interested national and international tourists and travelers.

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