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Shiraz is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Iran. This amazing and beautiful city once had been the capital of the Great Persian Empire. Shiraz is a big city locating at the center of Iran famous for its amazing weather and atmosphere, very warm and welcoming people and its famous foods and known salad as ” Shirazi Salad”. This city is full of awesome historic and natural attractions and sightseeings. From its famous attractions are Perspolis, Pasargad, Tahkte Jamshid, Saadi Tomb, Hafez Tomb, and many other wonderful attractions. Weather is amazing here, especially in spring and fall. So if you have decided to travel to the wonderful city of Shiraz then you have taken one of your life’s best decisions.

Shiraz besides its great and famous attractions and sightseeings has some famous luxurious five stars hotels which are famous for a reason and that reason is providing the highest quality different services and modern luxurious comfortable features and facilities. Now if you love to know these famous hotels and experience their stay while enjoying Shiraz’s famous historic and natural attraction then join me in this article to help you choose your best hotel for your stay at the magnificent city of Shiraz.

Chamran Hotel

Chamran hotel is the highest Shiraz hotel and has an amazing view and breathtaking land escape. This magnificent and enjoyable view of Shiraz city and its surrounded gardens is a great and main advantage of this hotel which makes people choose this hotel for their stay at Shiraz. This beautiful five stars hotel has provided many different luxurious features and facilities for its guests. Including message services by natural and herbal oils, micro message, and western bath which are its unique and competitive advantages and services in which you won’t find these unique services anywhere else.

You can not travel Shiraz and don’t taste its noble foods and edibles. The traditional restaurant of Barbod of Chamran hotel has provided all these noble foods and edibles with the highest possible quality and taste for you. Having food in its Italian restaurant and its beautiful Panorama restaurant has also its own unique enjoyment and taste and provides you an attractive experience. If you love to taste international foods then Chamran hotel Mellal restaurant is for you. This restaurant has a great balcony with breathtaking Shiraz view and land escape which will double your enjoyment and excitement of the foods.

chamran hotel shiraz

Shiraz Grand Hotel

This huge hotel has been built on top of Shiraz northeast mountains. The unique advantage and maybe a great competitive advantage of this hotel is that in its sixth floor has been built a great super luxury ultra-modern shopping center and mall with all popular and famous national and international brands in which you don’t need to go out of this hotel for shopping and souvenir and this great shopping center will satisfy all your needs, wants, and requests. Also, the game center of this hotel has great gaming features, facilities and technologies like billiard, computer games and many gaming machines which will make sure you will enjoy your free time here at this huge and super luxurious five stars hotel.

These days round hotels are very popular and Shiraz Great hotel has its own round restaurant known as Gardon restaurant inside its sixth floor which is ready to entertain you with its delicious grill and fast foods. Also, there is another restaurant on the fourth floor which is ready to serve you with its Iranian famous foods combined with live music and a great and glorious atmosphere. Shiraz Great hotel is ready to welcome you warmly.

Shiraz Grand Hotel

Zandieh Hotel

This luxurious five stars hotel is one of the best Shiraz hotels. This amazingly beautiful hotel has been built by the inspiration of traditional Shiraz architecture. Zandieh hotel due to offering different and unique services has become famous. The traditional bath of Zandieh hotel has a very amazing and breathtaking design, architecture, and view and has become very popular among people and guests. And lots of people reserve this bath for their traditional celebrations.

This hotel has three very good restaurants and one awesome coffee shop which will satisfy any taste and kind. These three restaurants offer and provide different and unique services and facilities. One offers international foods and drinks, the other one provides you awesome and delicious Iranian and traditional food and the last but not least one lets you have food at amazing open views of the restaurant.

Zandiyeh Hotel

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