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Introduction of Kaluts of Shahdad Desert

Kaluts of Shahdad Kerman is recognized as a unique and natural attraction of Iran and is an example of this in the Utah region of the United States. The supernatural and illusory prospect of the annual martyrdom cloaks attracts many tourists from home and abroad. Exciting recreational opportunities such as safari, desert camps and desert climbing are especially common in the fall, especially in the fall.

The most important thing about Kaluts of Shahdad Kerman, which has landed on the mainland all over the world, is that it has the highest temperature in the world. Simply put, the Shahdad area in Kerman is known as the hottest spot on earth, as well as being part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lut. This area is nowhere except in Iran and in the Shahdad Kalut area in Kerman province. An area known as Iran’s unique natural attraction, it is home to exciting leisure activities such as safari, desert climbing as well as scientific research.

Kaluts of Shahdad is the hottest known point on Earth

According to geological studies, the Kaluts region is considering as the hottest spot on Earth. Also, in the year 2005, NASA measured the temperature of the Shahdad area in the Lut Desert to about 70.5 degrees Celsius.

The importance of the Kaluts of Shahdad region historically and naturally

These natural structures are located parallel to the great sand sands east of the Low Plains and are also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It may be interesting to know that a civilization that is more than 6,000 years old lies in the heart of the Low Plains near the cliffs of Shahdad. According to experts and archaeologists, many works, including pottery, sculpture, and ornamentation, have been found in the area, the oldest work found in the heart of the desert in Shahdad. With all these interpretations, the Kaluts of Shahdad region is both a unique phenomenon and historically significant.

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The best time to visit Kaluts of Shahdad in Kerman

Autumn is probably the best time to head to Iranian deserts like Kaluts of Shahdad. Of course, bad weather conditions in the spring can count on a good desert.

Accessories for visiting the Kaluts of Shahdad

Here are all you need to take with you while traveling to Shahdad desert

Drinking water

Generic Medicines


Warm clothes

Sun hats

Hiking boots

Power bank

Garbage bag


First aid

Sunglasses and sunscreen

Sleeping bag

Blanket and beddin

What kind of recreations are ready there?

There is a variety of recreational facilities available in the resort of Shahdad Kerman. This is how it attracts many tourists to the area annually.

Take a stroll around safari in the Kaluts of Shahdad

For those who are thrilled with adventure and leisure at any destination, Shahdad Desert is also an opportunity to meet their needs. Visitors to Kaluts of Shahdad Kerman can safari and off road among the Kaluts if they rent a car from camps in the area. You can rent a car with the driver if you do not know how to drive in the desert and take off.

The possibility of camel riding in the heart of the Lut Plain

Another recreation you can take in the heart of the Lut plain is camel riding. Certainly camel riding in the desert can be reminiscent of the past life that we have often seen in movies.


Wheelchairs or ATVs are another option you can try for the desert. With these engines you can navigate desert highs and lows and get enough excitement.

Walking and photography are highly recommended

Well if you’re not into the thrill of adrenaline-filled adventures, don’t worry at all, because this area is so beautiful that you can just have a great travel experience with just walking and photography. Make it for yourself. Be very careful with your camera against the sand of this desert region.

Accommodation facilities in Kaluts

For those who want to stay near Kaluts of Shahdad Kerman, camps are accessible for travelers. This camp is the only desert camp in Lut locating between several cliffs in the north and south, with no wind and sand storms. Facilities at the campgrounds include sanitary facilities, parking, natural materials for nightlife, and desert tours and recreation.

The dome-shaped dormitories are the main reason for the popularity of camping in the Shahdad area. All pavilions include cement surfaces, walls, and wooden ceilings and have access to electricity. Created on the western edge of the Lut Desert, the camp will look different at night due to lighting.


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