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Shah-e Cheragh Comprehensive Guide!


Brief Biography!

Mir Sayed Ahmad, son of Imam Musa Kazem, is known as Shah-e- Cheragh. Shah Cheragh is a spectacular place in Shiraz today and is the tomb of Mir Seyed Ahmad. Mir Sayed Ahmad is the brother of Imam Reza and the eldest son of Imam Musa Kazem. His testimony came from people traveling to Khorasan in Shiraz. Shah Cheragh was martyred in the year 218 AH and was buried in Shiraz in a place known today as his name (Shah-e-charagh). No exact sources have been announced so far, but scientists and historians have been investigating the exact date of the king’s birth, which has revealed that the date is not completely clear. So he was given a day to commemorate Shah-e-Cheragh. Shah-e-Cheragh was said to be the son of Imam Musa Kazem and his mother, Imam Musa Kazem’s wife, was among the most pious women in the Imam’s eyes if the Imam kept their secrets with them. Shah-e-Cheragh’s mother is known as Umm Ahmad.

History of Shah-e-Cheragh

Shah-e-Cheragh is now a very spectacular and valuable building in the city of Shiraz, which was built in the 6th century AH during the Atabakan of Fars. The reconstruction and restoration of the building were done in the year 745 AH by the mother of King Sheikh Abu Isaac Inju, King of Persia Queen Tashi Khatun. Rebuilding the building took almost 5 years, after which a dome-shaped tomb was erected on the former site. Queen Tashi Khatun built a school beside the tomb she had erected for Shah-e-Cheragh and in addition dedicated the market shops near that shrine to Shah-e-Cheragh.

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Architectural aspects!

The lampshade has two entrances that are the main doors. They have made the door so that they are located on the south and north sides of the shrine and there are two large tiled headboards above them. The shrine of Shah-e-Cheragh and his brother, Mir Mohammed, are both located in the building. You will also find rooms around the courtyard. When you look at the roof of the porch, you will find beautiful carvings that have given a special splendor to the monument.

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Why the tomb of Ahmad ibn Musa is called the Shah-e-Cheragh?

There is a fascinating story in this name that we are going to tell you about. Until the time of Azad al-Dawlah, there was no one named Shah- e-Cheragh, and no one knew about him or even his tomb. There were houses built around her grave, and even on her grave was full of flowers. One of the people near the tomb had a flower house, an old woman who saw a bright light on Friday nights above the flowers that covered the king’s tombstone and saw it shine through the morning. The old woman decided to say this to Amir Azad al-Dawlah Deilami because she thought this place might be the grave of one of God’s parents. Amir told the old woman that he was coming to his house on Friday night so he was able to wake up the old Amir with the lights on. That night, as in the old nights, he saw the light of the lamp even more so than the previous night, so he woke the king with a shout and said: The lamp king. When Amir awoke, in fact, he saw the light the old woman was describing with his eyes and moved towards it, but when it reached the top there was no light. Returning from that tomb, the light again became more and more. Finally, after searching, the tomb was found there, the son of Imam Musa Kazem (AS), and the Amir ordered him to build a tomb for them. The Shiites consider this place very blessed and visit their large population every year and visit the tomb of Shah-e-Cheragh.

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The day of commemoration of Shah-e-Cheragh

On the occasion of the decade of dignity, which is between the birthday of Prophet Muhammad and the birth of Imam Reza, they named 10 days as the Week of Dignity. According to traditions, the birthday of Ahmad Musa, the brother of Imam Reza, is also in this period. This concurrence of Shiite celebrations is a good excuse to hold various ceremonies and celebrations in Iran. Every year in the city of Shiraz, on the sixth day of Zi al-Qaeda, which is in honor of Ahmad bin Musa, there will be celebrations in the shrine. He was the eldest son of Imam Musa Kazim whose mother’s name was Umm Ahmed or Saeideh Khatun.

Where is the Shah-e-Cheragh?

Shah-e-Cheragh is located next to a field called Ahmadi in downtown Shiraz. This tomb has no time limit for visitation and is free.

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