Safety Introduction

The concept of security is inviolable without consent, and in the case of individuals, it means that they have no fear of their legitimate rights and freedoms and that their rights are not compromised at all, and that no factor in their legitimate rights exists. Do not threaten. The necessity and necessity of security – in this sense – stems from the nature of human rights in society, and the necessity for legitimate rights and freedoms is their impunity and avoidance of risks and abuses. In addition to these facts, safety in Iran can be an awesome part of your future Iran trip.

Factors of Safety

Personal security

Social Security

National Security

Political Security

Cultural security

Economic security

Legal or judicial security

Environmental security

Securing the country and creating a sense of security for foreign tourists

Security in tourism

Tangible Safety in Iran

Although mass media is always trying to demonstrate lack of safety in Iran. While the majority of those who have previously travelled to Iran do believe in another fact. Safety was a tangible matter of any travel to Iran. This is why every travelers faced with smiling people in Iran. Those who treat tourists with the most patient possible attitude.

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