Rhinoplasty in Iran

Introduction of Rhinoplasty in Iran

Nose aesthetic surgery or nasal surgery (also known as “Rhinoplasty in Iran”) is a plastic surgery that is performed to correct, reshape or reconstruct the nose. Nasal cosmetic surgery is usually performed to address the aspects of nasal aesthetics. This involves surgery to correct the structure of the nose, usually with changes in the nasal bone or cartilage. However, not all aesthetic procedures are performed for aesthetic reasons. Sometimes nose surgery is performed to restore nose function with medical problems.                           

If you want to go it alone, traveling overseas for nose surgery is not a hassle. Offering all the services it needs for its nose surgery in Iran in a comprehensive and affordable package. The price of nose job packages is determined by the experience and skill of the doctor, the type of hotel, and other services you want.

Iran is known as the “nose job capital” in the world and has more per capita than any other country (seven times more than the United States). Iran has one of the richest human resources for nasal surgery in the world, with a variety of well-trained specialists who have various types of nose surgery – cosmetic and medical.

Rhinoplasty in Iran is the most popular cosmetic surgery. Iran is known worldwide for its “nose job capital” because of its high speed. With highly skilled nose surgeons and affordable costs, Iran is a hot destination for cosmetic surgery volunteers from all over the world. Another benefit of nasal surgery in Iran is the cost-effectiveness as well as the high quality of surgery under the supervision of specialist physicians.

Iran has everything you need for cosmetic surgery: experienced surgeons, modern clinics and hospitals, and affordable costs. Iran is renowned for its nasal cosmetic surgery and is referred to as the “nose job capital in the world”. In addition, Iran is a great country with a great culture and great people.

Types of Rhinoplasty in Iran

Natural nose surgery

The majority of men and many women like this model. Normal nose means that the nasal forms of the nose, such as the nasal horn, the tip of the nose, the deviation of the nose, the width of the nose, are positioned so that the nose while becoming prettier and more beautiful, is so-called “practical” and “artificial”.

Semi-fancy nose action

Almost half of all women applying for cosmetic nose surgery want a semi-fancy nose. This is a model that, while maintaining the size and shape of the nose with other components of the nose, is slightly larger than the normal overhead and arched nose.

In this model, the nose width and the size of the holes will also be slightly thinner than normal. In this model, the nose does not have an abnormal, “practical” appearance, the tip of the nose does not go too high and the so-called “swine” does not appear, nor does the arch of the nose become “slippery”.

Abnormal nose patterns

Some applicants for rhinoplasty want abnormal nasal models. Characteristics of these models are high nasal tip elevation, the excessive arch at the back of the nose, large nasal congestion, and large nasal size shrinkage. The result of these actions is that after the operation at first glance the abnormal appearance of the so-called “practical” nose is visible.

Steps to travel to Iran for nose surgery

  1. Get turns through the site
  2. Post photos and basic actions
  3. Patient Overview and Cost Estimation
  4. Patient agrees to conditions and decided to travel for nose surgery
  5. Online consultation with your doctor and appointment time
  6. Getting a visa and hotel for the patient (optional)
  7. A trip to Iran for nose surgery

Advantages of Rhinoplasty in Iran

As the capital of cosmetic nose surgery, more than 80,000 nose surgeries are performed in Iran annually, which is seven times the rate of nose surgery in the United States. The high success rate of nasal surgery in Iran is due to various factors such as improved surgical techniques, competitive prices, and finally, skilled doctors. The cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is usually lower than in other countries, while satisfaction is higher.

Nasal Surgery in Tehran: Since Iran is one of the best nasal surgeons in the Middle East, many people around the world are deciding to have their own nasal surgery in Iran, in particular in Tehran. The high number of nasal cosmetic surgeries in Iran has made it one of the first countries in the world in the field of cosmetic surgery and has the first highest rate of nasal surgery in terms of population. Performing numerous cosmetic surgeries has caused Iranian surgeons to be particularly skilled at forming the nose on the applicant’s request.

Costs of Rhinoplasty in Iran

Depending on the cost of the doctor, hospital, clinic, and other factors, the average nose job in Iran is between $ 1500 and $ 5,000. A nose cosmetic surgery is usually more expensive than a primary procedure. Also, the low cost of surgery compared to outside of Iran has led to an increase in the number of people who visit abroad for cosmetic surgery.

Iran is the Best Choice for Rhinoplasty

Iranian beauty clinics provide high-quality services and facilities to patients, and patients can benefit from the latest medical and cosmetic services. Many people around the world trust our skilled doctors, preferring to have their nose surgery in Iran while enjoying the many tourist attractions of Iran.

From an aesthetic point of view, nasal surgery, known in medical terms as Rhinoplasty, changes the shape and size of the nose and adjusts its angle to the features of the face and lips. It also corrects other problems such as bumps and asymmetries and other nasal defects.

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