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Now that you have reached the borders of Iran, you need to know how to travel from one city to another. In this article you will find general tips and ways to explore Iran. But if you are the one who wants to come to Iran without a band or tour. Design your itinerary personally, reading this page will be helpful. In Iran, you can travel from one city to another in three major ways. Road transportation, rail transportation, and air transportation.

If you look at the map of Iran and its location, you will find that there is no water transportation. Within the country due to the location of its seas and the fact that Iran is located in a dry belt of the world and does not have navigable rivers.


Traveling by plane has always had many advantages due to its high speed in transit. For this reason, in Iran, plane is used on various trips and in different cities. Also, the existence of airports in most cities of Iran has made the aircraft widely used for city trips. There are many airports in Iran that you can use for your trip.

Advantage: You can save time and spend less time on the road and you will be able to visit more cities and attractions.

Limit: You have to pay more. Air travel within Iran is the most expensive form of transportation.

Ticketing Locations: You can buy tickets from Iranian airports. You can also buy tickets from travel agencies operating in the area of ​​domestic travel. The easier solution is to use online ticketing sites. Using these sites you can easily buy a ticket to your destination. The advantage of using this method is the benefit of discounts for near-term flights that are known as last minute flights.

iranian airlines
Iranian airlines are affordable

Railway Transportation

In Iran, most cities are connected by rail. Iranian trains with different grades on these lines are moving passengers. Iran’s north-south railway with the historic Veresk Bridge has a worldwide reputation and has been indirectly involved in World War II. You might also find it interesting if you know the train stations of Savadkuh, Gaduk, Dugol, Veresk, Sorkhabad, Tirtash and Mirjaveh are listed in the National Iranian List of Works.

Benefits: By rail, you have more prosperity than buses and taxis. You can also relax on the bed and enjoy the toiletries and the restaurant. The railways of Iran are often very beautiful and you can see the pristine natural landscapes of Iran. You’ll pay less for the Train. Trains are also the safest means of transportation.

Restriction: You will have more time on your way.

Ticketing Locations: You can access the train stations and get the ticket directly from there. You can also use online ticketing sites to get help from Farsi speakers as well as Iranian tourism credit cards.

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Iran’s major cities, such as Tabriz, Mashhad and Tehran, are equipped with two types of inter-city buses. One type is regular buses that travel on routes that have less traffic volume. The other type is the high-speed buses, which operate on high-speed, high-traffic routes and on special bus routes and have special semi-mechanized stations. You have to get a bus ticket from the ticket booths or subway stations. Big cities like Tehran have electronic tickets.

Just buy one of these tickets and place it on the device installed at the station entrance to open the gate for you when using the bus. Bus and subway tickets are common in Tehran. Keep in mind that men and women on Iranian buses enter through separate doors. In other words, there is a gender segregation in buses for the safety and welfare of most citizens. Also, due to the problem of traffic in the big cities of Iran, do not pay much attention to the order of city buses. Traffic loads can be very heavy and not reach your destination in time.

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Taxi Transportation

Taxis in Iran are very cheap. So many citizens prefer to take a taxi to the city. Iranian taxis travel with four passengers. One passenger in the front seat and three passengers in the back. Many taxis are equipped with a taximeter system. This means you have to pay for the distance you are traveling in a taxi.

However, there are taxis that charge you according to the taxis’ organization and often take passengers from one place to another on specified routes. If you want to be the sole driver of a taxi, you have to pay more.

taxis in iran

Online taxis

Recently, online taxis in Iran play a very important role in urban transport. Some cities, including Tabriz, Mashhad, Yazd, Shiraz, etc., have their own online taxi that has a different app than Snapp and Tap30. You need to install the software for these online taxi service companies on your smartphone and use it to get a taxi. Find out more about these apps and the cities where you can use the online taxi service.

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Only some cities in Iran are equipped with metro lines. Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad, Karaj and Shiraz are some of the cities where the metro is operating. Many Iranian cities will also be equipped with subway lines in the future. The advantages of the subway include the low cost of commuting and suburban transportation. In cities like Tehran because of the overuse of the subway, the crowding and crowding may hurt you a little. But high-speed subway transportation is one of the benefits of the suburban transportation industry, which should not be overlooked.

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Some cities in Iran have bicycles. You can rent bicycles, and when you reach your destination, return the bike to the nearest bike home. Due to the low infrastructure of bicycle use in Iran, this type of transportation is not very prosperous in Iran. In Tehran, Kashan, Kish, Yazd and some other cities you can find a bike home and rent a bike.

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