Plastic Surgery in Iran

What is Plastic Surgery?

Just how its name implies the word “plastic” does not mean that patients undergoing surgery will have a face full of dummy materials. Its name is not derived from the compound, but from the Greek word plastikos which means shape or form. Plastic surgery in Iran is a special type of surgery that can change the appearance and ability of a person to function. Reconstruction procedures lead to the correction of defects on the face or body. These include physical birth defects such as cracked lips and ear malformations, traumatic injuries such as dog bites or burns, or after illness treatments such as breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery.

Cosmetics change the part of the body that a person does not feel comfortable with. Common cosmetic procedures include enlarging or shrinking breasts, reshaping the nose, and removing fat from specific areas of the body. Some surgeries are not “surgical” enough in what we consider surgery to be like cutting and sewing. For example, the use of special lasers to remove unwanted hair and porous skin to heal severe ulcers are two such treatments. Facial expressions allow us to interact and communicate with one another. Our appearance also depends on how others perceive us, so many people try to display their “best face”.

Plastic Surgery in Iran

Many people there believe that plastic surgery in Iran is the best choice if they decide to undergo these procedures, and this is not a mistake! Iranian cosmetic surgeries are famous for a variety of reasons. There are a lot of people in Iran who want to have surgery to look better. Especially the nose job, which can be one of the most popular surgeries among them. It may sound shocking, but in fact there are many who, if they are worth doing, will have to undergo surgery in another country.

Why Choose Iran for Plastic Surgery?

The increasing demand for such surgeries has led to the provision of the highest quality tools for hospitals and clinics that provide this type of service. Iran is one of the top countries with the highest number of cosmetic surgeries. As a result, there are many qualified surgeons in Iran who have been educated in top-ranked universities around the world, including Iran, Britain, the United States, etc., to help people survive without being harmed or forced to undergo steps. Huge amount of money they offer to their patients at the lowest possible price! This cost-effective cosmetic and plastic surgery also drives people into these types of jobs because they can afford it. If you look closely, it’s like an endless loop that helps each other grow. The lower the price, the greater the demand.

Types of this Surgery

Total facial lift including neck, face and forehead and around the eyes

Raise the lips

Upper eyelid beauty

Fixing the bowl of the eyeball

The beauty of the lower eyelid

Nose Beauty

Evil ear repair

Shortening the chin bone by shaving

Lower jaw

The maxilla correction

Lipomatic carved body

Costs of Plastic Surgery in Iran

Low costs are one of the main reasons Iranian people choose to have cosmetic surgery. The low cost of plastic surgery in Iran does not mean that the quality and safety are low, but for other economic reasons. Not only is the cost of surgery affordable but it is also affordable for the other services you need, which will make Iran travel to a well-funded country.

As you know, the most famous surgery in Iran: a nose surgery also known as rhinoplasty. Also, Nose jobs in Iran start at about $ 2,000 – significantly less than $ 3,000 to $ 15,000 in the US. This shows why many tourists choose Iran as their destination. Abdominal surgery and other types of cosmetic and plastic surgeries.

Iran is The Best Destination for Plastic Surgery

Due to the low cost and high quality of cosmetic surgery services in Iran, our country can be a serious competitor of developed countries in this field of medical tourism. Iran is recognized as one of the pioneer countries in the Middle East in the field of cosmetic surgery. The high quality of cosmetic surgery services in Iran and the low cost of providing these services in comparison to developed countries can pave the way for health tourism development in Iran.

Health tourists are now coming to Iran from several countries for plastic surgery, but given Iran’s high potential in the field of therapy, it is expected that more tourists will choose Iran as a destination for cosmetic and plastic surgery. Also: The cheap cost of cosmetic surgeries in Iran, compared to other countries in the world, is such that it can attract foreign applicants. The level of plastic surgery in Iran is very high and Iran can easily compete with Western countries and the world in general.

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