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Pasargadae Cmprehensive Guide!

Born in a land called Pasargadae, the Achaemenids conquered the Medes in 550 BC, Cyrus II, by tradition, chose the region as the capital because it was near an area dominated by the Median King Eisthogo. Was. This victory led to other victories, such as overcoming Lady, Babylon, and Egypt. The Achaemenid empire was then firmly established by his son Cambyses and Darius I. Cyrus the Great has been mentioned in the past as a liberator and a person who returned Jews from exile. Darius the Great built his symbolic capital in the city of Parsa, 70 kilometers south of Pasargadae. Until Alexander the Great conquered the Achaemenid Empire in 330 BC, Pasargadae remained an important dynastic base. From the documents left by Greek and Roman historians, it is clear that Pasargadae Shiraz was largely the result of Cyrus the Great’s work, and this attitude has been substantiated for several other reasons

First Reason: The tomb of Cyrus the Great, which he himself built, demonstrates the connection between map design and facade used in the Pasargadae Grand Garden with the gate palaces. This shows that it all came from the thought of one person, Cyrus the Great.

The second reason: the trilingual inscriptions of Elamite, ancient Persian, and Akkadian on the tides and portals of the three palaces indicate that they were associated with Cyrus the Great.

Third Reason: The type of architecture, especially the masonry and old, though briefly, depicts the Persepolis architecture that had been formed since the beginning of Darius the Great, and especially in motifs drawn from different countries’ traditions, Iranian space and construction have not yet been firmly established and it is quite clear that it was experimental and symbolic, and that the Logic and Ivory masonry works are especially found in the type of stone masonry and masonry tools. As a result, it can be stated with certainty that Pasargadae’s monuments began with Cyrus the Great.

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Valuable Features of Shiraz Pasargadae Building:

The first capital of the Achaemenid Empire is located in the center of Fars province, in the plain and river of Pelvar. The name of this city is called “Pars Camp” from the location of the city. In the sixth century, BC Cyrus the Great built this city. The main site is enclosed by a large natural area, comprising approximately 7127 hectares. The main area includes the following locations: Cyrus the Great Tomb, Pasargadae Royal Garden, Pasargadae Mosque, Bridge, Dedicated Palace, Royal Garden Waterfronts, Tall Flat Defense, Holy Place, Baram Palace, Dukushk, Cambodia Tomb, Mozaffari Caravansary, Balaghi Gorge. The most interesting part of this complex is the building of the tomb of Cyrus the Great. In 1820, after archaeological investigations, the original identity of the building was recognized as the tomb of Cyrus the Great and shone like a diamond in the plain. The tomb of about 530 BC is made of white limestone. The tomb was built between the royal gardens and made of huge stones some seven meters long.

The tomb of Cyrus the Great has two famous parts:

The first section is a 6-step platform with a rectangular square of 165 square meters. The second small fouter-walled section measures 5.7 square meters with a sloping roof and a wall thickness of 1.5 meters.

Highlights of this valuable building:

It represents a masterpiece of human ingenuity. It is a symbol of the exchange of high human values at a specific time in a global cultural context in relation to architectural, technical, artistic developments, city design, and landscapes. It represents the unique or at least exceptional evidence of a cultural tradition or civilization that is still in existence or has disappeared. An outstanding example of the type of architecture, technical complex or landscape architecture that is a significant step in human history.

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Where is Pasargadae?

One of the attractions of particular importance to the Iranian people is the Shiraz Pasargadae Monument. Also known as Solomon’s Mother City, it is 2500 years old. Pasargadae Shiraz is located in the Great Plains (Pasargadae Plain) in the northern part of Fars province and on the fence of the Zagros Mountains 130 km north of Shiraz. Due to the tomb of Cyrus the Great, one of the greatest and most important kings of the Achaemenid era, it has become of secondary importance.

Entrance Price Visit Pasargadae:

Ticket rates for domestic tourists 5000 tomans

Ticket Rates for Foreign Tourists 50000 tomans

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