Otoplasty in Iran

Otoplasty in Iran

Ear correction surgery is a cosmetic surgery to change the size or shape of the ears or retract them if they stick. Overall ear correction surgery is safe and most people are happy with the results. However, there are risks that need to be considered and may be expensive. Listening to the back of the ear is known as an Otoplasty or ear curtain. This is usually done for young children and adolescents, although adults can also. Ear surgery is not suitable for children under 5 years of age because their ears are still growing and developing. At a very young age, ear cartilage is too soft to hold sutures. Caught ears are a phenomenon that is very common around the world, for example in France, 5% of the population is affected by this disorder. They can be a source of complexity, a mockery of the environment, or can sometimes create social giants. The most effective and guaranteed solution to this problem is ear surgery (Otoplasty in Iran).

Ear reconstruction surgery in Iran is usually performed to correct abnormalities or injuries to the ear. This procedure is usually used to correct the shape of the ear and congenital ear defects. In some cases, cartilage can be removed and reinforced to the ear and give a more natural appearance. If skin transplantation is needed, they usually transplant tissue from the top. In Iran, in some patients, only one ear is corrected, but others want to have a beautiful operation for both ears. Although some complications such as itching in the ear can occur after ear surgery in Iran, such minor effects improve in a short time.

Otoplasty in Iran is performed by cutting the back of the ear, allowing the surgeon to reduce the cartilage of the ear as far as the ear goes. Continuous sutures may be used to hold the ear in place. Another technique involves folding the cartilage over the ear so that the ear is close to the head. Most skin surgeries are performed in a doctor’s office or an outpatient center. In the case of an adult, surgery may take only a few hours and the patient may return home on the same day. But if surgery is complicated, the person should be hospitalized after surgery. This is why espad travel’s medical department will cover the patient even after the surgery.

Different Types of Otoplasty Surgery

Bump ears are repaired using surgical techniques to either increase the spiral fold of the ear (right inside the inner wall of the ear) or reduce the inner cartilage behind the ear (the largest and deepest outer ear cavity). Surgeons use external sutures to close the surgical wound behind the ear. Our surgeons in the clinics perform ear and nose surgeries according to each patient’s condition and deliver the most natural results to their patients.

What is the cost of Otoplasty in Iran?

Basically, because cosmetic surgeries are not covered by any kind of insurance and one has to cover all the costs themselves. It would be very costly to perform such operations. Of course, the physician and the materials used, as well as the equipment and facilities used by the patient, will reduce or increase the cost.

In the UK, ear correction surgery can cost between £ 2,500 and £ 3,500, plus any consultation or follow-up care that may be needed. The exact cost depends on the type of surgery. Make sure you find the full cost and what you insert. Only like any other plastic surgery, the price of cosmetic deformity cosmetic surgery in Iran is much cheaper than in many countries. Depending on the type of surgery, doctor, and clinic, Otoplasty surgery costs between $ 1200 and $ 2000 in Iran.

Also in Iran, all-inclusive ear surgery packages, which are provided with all medical tourism services at different prices, suit all budgets. The prices we offer for Otoplastics in Iran are transparent and cover all costs, including anesthesia and medicines, which are usually separate in other countries.

Advantages of Otoplasty in Iran

The cost of Otoplasty in Iran is very affordable compared to other countries in the world.

The presence of professional and experienced specialists in Iran is a very important reason for performing surgical operations in Iran.

This surgery can eliminate many ear defects.

It is safe and does not pose a threat to the patient.

With this surgery, the individual becomes more satisfied with his or her appearance, and self-esteem increases.

The gaps in the surgery are not very deep and are not clearly seen.


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