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Introduction of Nowruz Event

Nowruz Event is one of the oldest celebrations left in antiquity that now celebrate the beginning of spring in Iran. At the same time, the other Persian-speaking countries also celebrate Nowruz Event as well. This celebration, unlike all the various annual celebrations, begins with an indescribable passion with great enthusiasm among the nations on the first day of spring.

There are many myths about how the celebration unfolded, including the superiority of the celebration in terms of the disparity of the name of the moon and the day. According to various historical narratives, the celebration of Nowruz occurred before the time of the The Achaemenids monarchy and was held in Iran along with special rituals and still undergoes little executive change.

Nowruz, Iran’s New Year’s holiday, is undoubtedly one of the most important Iranian events in Iran, which takes place about 2 weeks after the first spring day of each year. Most Iranians in this period, both in Iran and abroad, celebrate their ancient traditions and clothing with family and friends, taking a short and long journey. Given this, traveling to Iran as a tourist can be both exciting and challenging at the same time.

Seeing how to celebrate the New Year in a very ancient way can be a joyful experience for gaining first-hand insights into Persian culture, while the high season of travel can make managing and organizing your trip a little more complicated. In this article we will try to present the true essence of Nowruz in Iran as well as tips to create a wonderful experience of our trip to Iran in this ancient festival.

nowruz event in iran

Iran’s Nowruz Holidays

Iran is turns into one of the best and most attractive tourist destinations for Nowruz holidays. You can visit Iran’s many places and attractions away from the annoying traffic of this city and in the high air.

Nowruz has a strange climate every year. Nature begins to rejuvenate, and slowly the trees take on the past greens. However, the good weather, and especially the renewal of nature, change the human spirit. Nowruz, every year, as it is a time to rejuvenate as well as begin to live again in nature, can be the best time to refresh and relieve all the tiredness of the past year for each person.

New Year’s holidays can be one of the best times of the year for a full recovery in man. When you can easily get ready to face another year full of hard work. To regain energy and rejuvenate, to start a new life in the New Year, nothing better than a dream trip can take away your tiredness completely for a year.

But for Nowruz trips, there are several options. There are so many sights in Iran that you can’t even imagine. Each of them has its own beauties and pleasures, so it is not possible to choose which destination to choose. As forests and the North Sea pass in front of our eyes, we are reminded of the great weather in southern Iran, and it is very difficult to summarize the decision to travel to Nowruz.

Some of Nowruz Traditions:

Visiting in Nowruz Holidays

One of the traditions of the New Year’s Holidays that is coming in Iranian culture, meeting with friends and family. This activity takes place in Nowruz and the Iranians visit each other.

Peace and Reconciliation

Another tradition of Nowruz is peace and reconciliation among Iranians. They are who reconcile with each other before, in Nowruz they will reconcile with each other in Nowruz.

Wearing New Clothes

Another Iranian tradition in Nowruz is wearing new clothes. The people of Iran go to meet each other in Nowruz with new clothes.

Giving others a gift at Nowruz event

Another ritual that has always existed at Nowruz event is giving a gift that is well worth the tradition.

Traveling to Iran has always had its own attractions. Nowruz holidays are also a great opportunity to travel with Iran. Also, the two-week holiday of Nowruz gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy attractions and beauties of Iran. Other good things about traveling in Nowruz are the good, clean weather in those days. Each Iranian city has it’s own tradition during Nowruz Event. This is why traveling all around the country will provide you with a chance to learn more about Nowruz event.

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