nowruz 1400

Nowruz 1400 trips will most likely take place this year, unlike last year. This is the third year that Nowruz travel possesses some limitations to avoid Coronavirus prevalence. The National Corona Headquarters, are seeking to create a secure solution to allow some Nowruz trips and tours.

How to know the status of Nowruz 1400 travel restrictions?

At Espad Travel, we strive to bring you the latest news on travel restrictions. However, accurate information on the limitations of Nowruz travel has not been formed and anti-monopoly news are our only sources. In the current situation, he pointed out a few suggested points.

Colors of restrictions 

The four colors purple, yellow, orange, and red have been identified to determine the health status of the cities and provinces of the country. These colors have been identified by the Ministry of Health and the National Corona Headquarters. Each province will have its own law for each color.

For information on corona painting in Iranian cities, open corona painting and see the latest updates.

What are the travel restrictions?

According to the official announcement, to travel to Khuzestan province (Ahvaz, Abadan, Mahshahr, Dezful and Aghajari), you need a negative PCR test or a quick test result. The entry of non-native license plates into Khuzestan province is both prohibited and traffic between cities with non-native license plates will be prohibited.

To travel to Qeshm Island, you must register on the Qeshm website and enter your travel information to this island in full.

To travel to Kish Island, you need to book a residence (hotel) as well as travel by air.

According to the official announcement of the presidency in the cabinet meeting on March 7, 2017, travel to the red and orange provinces will be prohibited. With these limited conditions, there are no restrictions on travel by plane, bus and train, and it seems that this restriction is related to travel by car and personal license plate.

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