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All you need to know about Niavaran Palace

Niavaran Palace is the name of a historical-cultural complex in the north of Tehran which is one of the spectacular attractions, It is the capital and makes it possible to watch the spectacular scenery for the residents and guests of Tehran city. This garden complex with many sights including Niavaran Palace, each corner of which has a blend of history and nature. In place of this garden are eye-catching monuments that you will unconsciously stop by looking at. All the buildings pass through your eyes and carve a lasting image in your mind. The palace in which the last king of Iran and his family lived and experienced many events there. The most modern building of the Niavaran Garden is dedicated to the Niavaran Palace, which is not long-lived but is one of the most modern forms of architectural art. Niavaran’s dedicated palace in the northeast corner of Niavaran Garden presents a modern look at Iranian architecture. This beautiful palace has an area of 2 square meters and has two and a half floors. The first floor is for guests’ reception, and the second floor is for family bedrooms and private spaces, and between the two floors is a half-floor for the workspace and the room for the smallest member of the Pahlavi family, Leila Pahlavi.

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Unique features of Niavaran Palace

Niavaran Palace was the residence of the last king of Iran with his family The palace is set amidst a beautiful garden with eye-catching scenery. It is the only royal building in Iran whose roof is designed to be opened. Along with visiting the palace, you can also visit other monuments such as the Kooshk Ahmad Shahi and the beautiful palace of Sahebqaraniyah. The two cafes in the garden also allow many people to spend hours near Niavaran Palace and enjoy this different atmosphere.

Niavaran Palace – the last Pahlavi settlement

Niavaran Palace is a new building with an Iranian-European design. The building once housed Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, his wife Farah, and their children, and lived in the area until they left Iran. The palace consists of two and a half floors and has an interesting design. Niyavaran palace is easier than other royal palaces, but at the same time, you can see some of the beauty. In this building, you can see the family life of the last king of Iran, take a look at their living space, and see valuable and interesting artwork. The important thing about this building is that the ceiling is designed to be open and can be opened at any time to see the sky. Of course, opening the roof today is a matter for the authorities to determine, if you are lucky enough to visit the palace you may be faced with an open roof.

Niavaran Palace Design

The architectural design of the palace was the responsibility of engineer Mohsen Foroughi. The construction was carried out by Map Company and the consulting engineer Abdul Aziz Farmanfarmayian & Partners was responsible for overseeing the project. Master Abdulahi’s plasterwork, a masterwork by Ali Asghar, and master tiling art by Ibrahim Kazempour and Ilya look at the palace. The design of the palace is modeled on Iranian architecture and a mix of art before and after Islam. The quadrilateral design of the palace and its interior architecture depict modern-day Iranian architecture. The interior decoration and furniture are designed and implemented by a French group. The matching color of the floor covering of the rooms and curtains can be seen in the palace. In the corner of the palace, there is an exquisite collection of paintings by Iranian and foreign artists, porcelain dishes from French and German rose surreal plants, decorative objects, and exquisite Persian carpets.

Inside Niavaran Palace

The tall columns at the entrance give a special impression of the building and create a spectacular view of the garden. The Persian tile motifs at the entrance of the palace warmly welcome the guests and attract the viewers of each. We pass by tall columns and tiles outside the palace. Our steps lead to the black granite flooring and begin to see the effects inside the palace.

Ground Floor

The ground floor is a great place to immerse yourself in the beauty of Nayavaran Palace upon arrival. What stands out is a special lighting space that creates a spectacular view. The walls have large mirrors made of small mirrors that look like a cloud and wind. Step by step instead of this large lounge where you have things to draw your attention to.

Niavaran Palace Rooms

Reception rooms: On the south side of the ground floor palace, the living room has a spectacular appearance with its own decoration. Due to the size of the windows and the brightness of the color of the decoration we see the most light in this space. This space is dedicated to welcoming guests to the court had. There are many items used in the decoration of this room that will catch the eye of every viewer.

Dining Room

The dining room is located on the southeast side of Niavaran Palace. The room also features special amenities such as a reception room. The dining Room of Niavaran Palace is now considered a true representative of modern western European architecture.

living room

The living room on the ground floor has a very different space. The special lighting of this part and the dark color used in its decoration make a distinctive distinction between this part and the other parts.

private cinema

Niavaran Palace Private Cinema Hall is located on the east side of Niavaran Palace and has an area of 400-square- meters. It includes the main lounge, office room, dressing room, and space for controlling and adjusting light, sound, and video playback. The cinematographer is Charles Sevigny, who has done an interesting design. The notable feature of this space is the presence of aluminum chandeliers and aluminum rail musical curtains that produce a pleasant sound when moving.

Blue Hall

On the north side of the Niavaran Palace, there is a 350-square-meter space just opposite the reception room, which is a courtyard for guests and separated by a few steps from the ground floor. The New Year’s Eve (1978) party was held in the same room by former US President Jimmy Carter. In the end, we would like to suggest you tourists to visit this beautiful and luxurious palace and enjoy its unique attractions.

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