iran rafting tours

Rafting Tours in Iran – Introduction

Boating in roaring waves is one of the most attractive tourist destinations that is getting more and more fans every day. Rafts have been one of the simplest forms of water transportation and have been used for human transport for thousands of years.

In Going, travelers board special boats and sail along the river, watching the scenery and the countryside and the forests and mountains and enjoying the boiling waves. Today, this exciting activity has become fun for young people and families around the world. There are also many rivers in Iran that are well-traveled and even attract foreign tourists.

Going or boating in roaring waves is one of the most popular leisure activities. In Iran too, rivers of Zayandehrood, Armand, Sefidrood, and … are suitable for this task.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind that swimming is by no means an individual activity.

It must be done with professional tours or professional guides so that no one gets bitter with bad things. Most travel agencies have special guided tours that, in addition to being a professional guide, provide the right equipment to keep you safe, exciting, and memorable.

Remember, the best time to go into the Iranian rivers is from May to November. Here are some of the best rivers to go to.

iran rafting tours

Zayandehrood River, Where to do  Iran Rafting Tours 

This river is one of the most important central rivers of Iran and it is best to travel this season to experience more excitement. Zayandehrood has three convenient routes, the shortest of which is 3 kilometers and takes 30 minutes. The Zayandehrood River waves are at levels 2 and 3, meaning they are suitable for adventurous tourists who are physically and mentally healthy and are between 12 and 50 years old. However, the bridge section of the Zaman Khaan River is dangerous and is not recommended for sailing.

Haraz River

This river is located in Mazandaran province and in northern Iran. The route to Mirzakochak Khan Jungle Park is 4 km to Amol, and it takes about 2 hours to get there. The waves of the Haraz River are up to 2 and 4 before they are good for most healthy and adventurous people. But parts of the river that have waves above 5 are suitable for rowing heroes and adventurous rowers and are not recommended for beginners.

Sefidrood River, Iran Rafting Tour site

The nature of the beautiful river Sefidrood is very beautiful and has a very untouched route that passes through mountains, plains, fields, and villages. This river, which is Iran’s second-longest river, has waves of 2 and 3 that make it suitable for kayaking.

Caesar River

The Cesar River, which is the main tributary of the Dez River, originates from the Oligodarz, Azna, Doroud, and Boroujerd mountain areas. The Caesar River is generally low in width, but its waves and flow are good enough to experience exciting hikes. It is suitable for beginners as well as professionals because of its 2 to 4-degree waves.

Arvandrood River

This vast river, located in southwestern Iran, Khuzestan province, has a very exciting route to go. The length of this ascent route is 20 km.

Kor River

The Karaj River, which originates from the southern Alborz Mountains, is best suited for professional cruising and kayaking because of the tide of 2 to 4 degrees.

Sirvan River

The river is located in the Kurdish region of Huraman and has a long, winding path. Suitable for both professionals and beginners and kayakers. The river has waves from 3 to 5 degrees and beginners can reach it.

Armand River, A paradise for Iran Rafting Tours 

Armand, the main source of the Karun River, located in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Province, has a 20-km route. The rivers range from 2 to 4, so the general public can go to this beautiful area along the Zagros Mountains with professional guides. You will pass many villages along the way, where you can stop and relax.

Before you go boating in the river you must remember the following

Boating and sailing in roaring waters is not an activity that ordinary people can do alone with a group of family or friends. This will require the help of experienced and knowledgeable river owners, appropriate equipment and support.

Any ordinary person who has participated in any of the walking tours may not be the perfect companion for your tour. For this reason, trust only professionals who have a valid certificate of departure from the Rowing Federation.

When shoveling, be sure to shovel one forward and one rear. This is required to move your boat forward. When you want to shovel, you have to put one foot ahead and push the water back.

Tighten your rescue vest when mounted to fully adhere to your body. This will keep you out of your body when you are going up and down the river.

In the center of each boat, there are several cushions that the riders should not sit on, and each person should be on the side of the boat for easy gliding.

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