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All You Need to Know from Nasir-ol Molk Mosque!

Nasir-ol Molk Mosque is one of the Shiraz mosques located in the neighborhood of Gowd Arban, south of Lotfali Khan Street and near the Shah Cheragh Mosque. Mohammed Hassan Architect and Mirza Reza Kashipz and Master Javad Painter. It took about 12 years to build. The maintenance, preservation, and preservation of this magnificent monument began in accordance with international standards of restoration of monuments many years ago. This mosque has a large courtyard with a large pond in the middle. On the north side of the Pearl Arch courtyard, on the east side of the bed with seven stone pillars, on the south side two beautiful pots, and on the west side of the main bed sheets with glass windows. The mosque of Nasir-ol Molk is among the most beautiful mosques in Iran in terms of tile. The mosque has a large courtyard on the north side. At the entrance, it has a large vaulted ceiling adorned with colorful tiles. The mosque has two eastern and western naves. The western nave has a brick cover and is more beautifully decorated. The nave is arched on a stone pillar with a spiral design in two rows of six in number with the intention of 12 imams. This nave has 7 ports that connect it to the mosque courtyard with 7 colorful glass doors. The carving and decoration of this nave are inspired by Shiraz Vakil mosque. The nave walls and walls are decorated with beautiful tiles. Its floor is adorned with turquoise tiles and its ceiling is adorned with flowers and shrubs and Qur’an verses. In front of the eastern nave, is a porch that is separated from the courtyard by eight arches. There is a door that opens to a well of water. There is also a basin and a corridor. Unlike usual, the two beds are located along the axis of the Qibla due to the orientation of the Qibla building.

nasir-ol molk mosque shiraz iran

Also, The mosque has two porches north and south that are not alike and the north porch is more beautiful than the south porch. The north porch has 3 arches on 3 sides and has access to the courtyard. And the bowl is decorated with five bowls. The south porch has 2 pots and in its courtyard, there is a rectangular pool with a fountain stone. On the north side of the mosque, there is a pearl arch called the entire roof inside and out is painted with colorful tile inscriptions. There is also a smaller arch on both sides of the arch. On the south side, there is an arch that is less than the pearl arch, and the entire outer and inner surface is tiled and its roof is like the northern arch. There are also two pots with two smaller arches at the entrance of the two pots on either side of the main vault. It’s better to know that Nasir-ol Molk Mosque’s tile is known as the seven-color tile. The yellow used in it is made of gold oxide with lead oxide, copper oxide green, and a popular pink colorless commonly used in mosque architecture.

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The best time to visit the Nasir-ol Molk mosque

Shiraz’s climate is very pleasant and dreamy in early May and in the middle of autumn. Neither is there the overwhelming heat of the summer nor the bother of cold winter rains. For this reason, most travelers consider the best time to travel to the Nasir-ol Molk mosque at this time. No way to escape the bustle of the city in the spring. The excitement of its passengers is another part of the attraction of traveling to Shiraz. However, if you do not like the hustle and bustle of travel time, the fall season is even better than spring. The air, the city, and the place of solitude and the experience will be more special than ever.

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Access to the Nasir-ol Molk Mosque

The Nasir-ol Molk Mosque is located near Shah Cheragh and the Narenjestan Palace, in the Gowd Arab neighborhood and Lotfali Khan Zand Street. Because of the tourist attractions in this part of the city, there is a problem with finding a park if you plan to visit by car. Independence, Culture, and Taleghani parking lots are around a 5-minute walk to Victory Street; you can park your car in the area and walk to the mosque. If you want to use the public transport system, the Zandieh Bus Station and Metro Station are within 7 minutes (about 2.5 km) of the Nasir al-Molk Mosque. Line taxis also operate on this route.

Ticket costs and access times:

Entrance ticket for Iranian tourists: 3000 tomans Entrance ticket

for foreign tourists: 20000 tomans

Opening hours 7am to 5pm

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