Nose Job in Iran

Nose aesthetic surgery or nasal surgery (also known as “Rhinoplasty”) is a plastic surgery that is performed to correct, reshape or reconstruct the nose. Nasal cosmetic surgery is usually performed to address the aspects of nasal aesthetics. This involves surgery to correct the structure of the nose, usually with changes in the nasal bone or cartilage. However, not all aesthetic procedures are performed for aesthetic reasons. Sometimes nose surgery is performed to restore nose function with medical problems. Iran Medical   Services  are the one to be found in Espad Travel scope of services, just let us know what’s your demand. 

Hair Transplant in Iran

One of the concerns of young people is hair loss, unfortunately nowadays due to various reasons such as malnutrition, stress, and work stress, Hair loss has increased in people, so people use different methods to repair and prevent hair loss. Hair loss can lead to increased age and damage to one’s self-esteem, one of the methods that are becoming more popular nowadays and is being used by most people all over the world to replace hair loss, planting is a must. 

Cosmetic Dentistry in Iran

If your teeth are stained, discolored, worn, shaved, broken, misplaced, mistaken or if there are gaps between them, modern cosmetic dentistry can give you a better smile. Make a smile through one or more dental procedures improves the beauty of a smile. Beauty dentists will work with you to develop a treatment plan.

Lose Weight in Iran

Many people who suffer from excessive weight gain sometimes get tired of dieting and think that surgery is the only solution to their obesity problem. But the reality is that not every obese person is a good candidate for surgery. In addition, surgery is not a substitute for a healthy diet, and even if you do, you should make the necessary changes to your diet. For this reason, you should take a series of steps before and after surgery to achieve the desired result.

Plastic Surgery in Iran

Just how its name implies the word “plastic” does not mean that patients undergoing surgery will have a face full of dummy materials. Its name is not derived from the compound, but from the Greek word plastikos which means shape or form. Plastic surgery is a special type of surgery that can change the appearance and ability of a person to function. Reconstruction procedures lead to correction of defects on the face or body. These include physical birth defects such as cracked lips and ear malformations, traumatic injuries such as dog bites or burns or after illness treatments such as breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery.

Gastric Sleeve in Iran

Obesity is one of the problems that many people around the world are struggling with. Excessive obesity not only makes people look unpleasant, it can also cause diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea (sleep apnea), high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol or a combination of these. Problems. These days, there are many surgical methods to reduce excessive overweight, such as: slalom, gastric bypass, balloon, ring, etc. One of the best, fastest and safest gastric slides.

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