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Masuleh Village | Introduction

The historical city of Masuleh, one of the lushest, airy, and touristy cities in Iran, located in Gilan province, 60 kilometers from Rasht. According to archaeological research, from the fifth to the eighth century AH was one of the important centers of metalworking. The city has cool summers and cold and snowy winters and is known for its unique architecture that is known worldwide and attracts tens of thousands of tourists annually.

Masuleh has a fascinating nature that you can’t stay at when you travel to this city and you have to take in the beautiful and pleasant nature of the climate. Feel your soul full of positive energy with the city’s breathtaking views. The foggy nature of the city in spring and the staircase texture are the most important factors in attracting tourists. The village, recorded as the country’s first living historic city, with its staircase architecture and historical texture, which is a bit strange, is its main feature.

This feature is a pure and unique subject for photography enthusiasts. Especially when the village is submerging in fog, unique scenery can be seen in the village of Masuleh. In addition to the staircase architecture, the city’s historic houses are also tourist attractions. Tastefully decorated in the area, people decorate their homes with colorful pots and other decorative items and sometimes invite you to visit their home.

masuleh village

The Weather

Masuleh’s climate falls more than 100 days a year in Masuleh. It has mild, humid summers and cold, humid winters. The average annual temperature in Masuleh is about 12° C. It is located near the second highest peak of the Talesh Mountains from the Alborz Range, called Masuleh Dagh.

The region experiences more than one month of severe frost. Most days cloudy weather and make Masuleh’s beauty doubled due to heavy snowfall and high humidity in the region.

The Architecture

The texture and traditional composition of the Masuleh houses are what attracts most foreign tourists and domestic tourists today. You should know that Masuleh houses are on two floors. The house consists of two parts:

Winter Season :

The winter part of the home seems known as Soma in the local language.

In the back of the house, there is a small room with a little light. Third, there is only a light spot called the Loon. It is used around the room to create a niche with various porcelain and copper dishes.

The summer or so-called Counter Room features wooden and upholstered windows. These windows feature geometric Chinese knots and are decorated with beautiful colored glass. In addition to the counter in some homes, there is a room on the roof of the house that is locally called the “tower”. Most buildings are yellow or Russian-colored in Masuleh, which is why the houses look better in May, as nearly a third of Masuleh’s axis is in the center.

masooleh village

Masuleh tourist attractions


The village is in the southwest of Gilan province, 36 kilometers from Fouman city and 60 kilometers from Rasht city. Although the waterfalls have undergone changes in recent years, they are still attracted by nature lovers and domestic and foreign tourists alike. These waterfalls are scattered throughout Masuleh.

Kushem waterfall is one of the waterfalls located at the bottom of Masuleh forest valley at the altitude of about 30 meters. The access to this waterfall is a gentle incline along the river and in the opposite direction of water flow. After about an hour of trekking and passing a few other small waterfalls, at the end of the gorge is a stone wall with water falling from the top to the bottom.

Masuleh Market

The introduction of Masuleh tourist attractions was followed by the introduction of its markets. Because every town and village market is one of the first places one wants to see. So far we know that Masuleh is one of the famous tourist cities. However, climbing the stairs and navigating the alleys of the city is interesting enough. But we also recommend visiting the city’s market, where villagers sell colorful textiles or jams and colorful pickles made at home.

masule village

Masuleh Forest Park

Masuleh Forest Park is another beautiful and pristine place in the city. The cool, clean air of this forest park makes every person happy. Located on the western tip of the Fouman and 35 kilometers west of the park, it is one of the largest parks in the area with 2,400 acres. The maximum elevation of the park is 800 m from the sea and its maximum height is 1800 m.

Masuleh Anthropological Museum

Inside the Masuleh Museum in three sections, a collection of objects related to Masuleh’s culture is on display. The first part is the documents and equipment related to the past hundred years in and around Masuleh. The second part and the equipment of the last two centuries are the Masuleh area and the surrounding villages. The third section also houses the objects of the last 14 centuries, the objects of life of the people and the surrounding countryside, made of wood, stone, glass, leather, and paper.

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