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KLM resumes flying over Iran

Safety is awarded the highest priority at KLM. KLM uses a security management system to analyze risks and thus determine safe flight paths. Substantiated by such analyses, it is once again safe to fly over Iran. This decision is also based on the information shared within the Dutch group of experts that unites all Dutch airlines, the intelligence services, the NCTV counter-terrorism unit, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The British and German governments have also issued a notice to airmen (NOTAM), stating that commercial airlines can once again fly safely over Iran

A KLM statement issued and published on Thursday said that the company had reached the security assessment that its planes can resume flying over Iran.

“KLM uses a security management system to analyze risks and thus determine safe flight paths,” said the statement, adding, “Substantiated by such analyses, it is once again safe to fly over Iran. Carriers such as Qatar Airways never stopped flying over Iran after the incident, insisting the airspace is totally safe. Iranian authorities have also ensured that there would be no risks for civilian flights passing through the country.

The KLM statement said the company had restored flight routes through Iran after obtaining adequate information from intelligence, military and political sources in the Netherlands.

It said that the European Union, along with Britain and Germany, has issued fresh notifications known as NOTAM ensuring the commercial airlines that they could again use the airspace above Iran.

However, other major European airlines, including the Air France-KLM, of which the KLM is a subsidiary, have yet to officially announce resumption of flights through the Iranian airspace.

The Latest KLM Flight to Iran

The Dutch company said the main reason for stopping flights to Iran was because of business problems and the economy was not economical and announced that the aircraft would depart Iran on its final flight on September 11 and leave Tehran for Amsterdam the following day. This will mean the end of KLM flights to Iran.

KLM airlines

Introducing KLM Airline

Airlines KLM is the Royal Dutch Airlines. Also a flagship airline in the Netherlands. KLM Airlines, with a century of experience in the aviation industry, is the world’s oldest active airline. The airline is headquartered in Amsterdam and most of its flights are from Amsterdam’s Airport. The airport has been named one of the top airports in the world in recent years.

KLM Airlines was founded in the year 1919 as the Royal Dutch Airlines and made its first flight from London to Amsterdam in 1920 years. In its first year of operation, where flying was still a new and different category in the transportation industry, KLM was able to carry two passengers and more than 40,000 miles. The statistics, although comparatively small compared to recent years, are equivalent to the number of passengers carrying a Boeing 747, but are very different from those of the previous 100 years.

The company had its first flights to European capitals in the early years, and its first intercontinental flight. In the year 1924, was a flight to Batavia, the Indonesian capital of the Netherlands, today called Jakarta. Flight over the Atlantic began in year 1934. And in year 1946, KLM was the first European airline to fly over the ocean to New York. In the years that followed, using planes such as the Boeing 747, KLM was able to travel longer distances faster and with more passengers.

KLM aircraft

Airline KLM uses Boeing and Airbus-equipped aircraft, with Boeing’s share far greater than Airbus’s. The company now has 119 planes, including 13 Airbus A330s and 106 Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 aircraft. KLM has also ordered other Airbus and Boeing aircraft that will be added to the company’s air fleet by year 2023. The average age of KML aircraft is 11 years. Boeing 787 is the youngest aircraft with an average age of 1.5 years and Boeing 747 with the average age of 22 years is the oldest in the airline.

KLM airlines

KLM flight classes

KLM Airlines has three flight classes on its international trips: Word Business Class, Comfort Economy Class and Economics Class. The Word Business Class is offered on European Short Flights called the European Business Class. Business Class This airline offers beds open seats with 180m length. The seats come with a 16-inch screen for watching movies or listening to music.

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