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The Most Popular Kermanshah Souvenir

Kermanshah is one of the most popular tourist cities of Iran located near the border of Iraq and in the southwest of the country. Kermanshah is full of amazing attractions a d sightseeings both natural and historical and is one of the most important Kurdish cities of Iran and due to being near Iraq is also a strategic city of Iran for both imports and exports of the country. Kermanshah has a rich history and culture and is also one of the most attractive and interesting Iran destinations for international tourists and travelers. When you travel Kermanshah you can get to know its kind and strong people of mainly Iranian Kurdish people, get to know its rich history and culture and visit and enjoy historical and natural sightseeing and attractions of the city. Also better know its people and their lifestyle and the most famous and popular souvenir of Kermanshah. Kermanshah with a long history and traditional people has both edible and handicrafts souvenir and you can shop all of Kermanshah souvenirs from handicrafts store or traditional bazaars and modern shopping centers and malls. So let’s see together what are the most famous and popular Kermanshah souvenirs.

Kermanshah Animal Oil

Although Kermanshah has lots of souvenirs without any doubt, the most famous and popular Kermanshah souvenir is its animal oil. Kermanshah has a very nice and great climate that’s why animal growing here is very popular among people of this city. From these animal products, they produce animal oil which is one of the best animal oil of the country and the World due to its great history and experience and Kermanshah’s very appropriate weather and climate. This oil is very natural and organic and has a very pleasant smell and is very very popular among local people in the city. If you love to have your food with a natural and fresh organic animal oil then make sure to use this oil for your foods and provide it as one of the best and natural souvenirs of Kermanshah.

kermansha souvenirs


Kermanshah is a very ancient and historic city of Iran and this means people of this city have a very long history and rich culture with different beautiful art and skills. One of the most beautiful Kermanshah souvenirs is its rugs which are made in different shapes, colors, designs, and architecture. What makes it unique is its great colors and amazing designs with different tastes and shapes and colors. These rugs are made by hand and in a traditional way mostly by family members. By shopping this souvenir you can take with yourself an amazing Iranian art and make your home a more beautiful and artistic place for living.

kermsanshah rug

Kak Confectionary

Kakis one of the sweetest and most popular confectionaries of Kermanshah and one of the best and most popular Iran confectionaries. This is a very sweet and delicious candy type confectionary with different tastes and colors made traditionally so it is very organic and natural and one of the most exciting candies of the World. If you shop it you can order which type, design and decoration you want and it’s prepared for you personally. So if you love to complete your Kermanshah journey and take with yourself one of the most delicious souvenirs of Iran then kak confectionary is your perfect choice.

kak confictionary

The Bottom Line

When you travel to Iran you travel to a very ancient and historic country of the World with a unique culture and traditions. Kermanshah is one of the most popular and tourism destinations of Iran with a great long history and rich art and culture. Located in the southwest part of Iran is one of the most important Kurdish cities in Iran with the strategic importance of being near the Iraq border. Kermanshah has lots of amusing attractions and offers both edible souvenirs from oil to different types of confectionary and handicrafts like beautiful rugs so as an international tourist takes time to get to know this amazing city and take the most famous Kermanshah souvenir with yourself. Our Iran travel experts are ready to assist you with your Iran journey and provide you any information you need about Iran or any city of Iran including the amazing city of Kermanshah.

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