Jawline Augmentation in Iran

Jaw Augmentation in Iran

The jawline is one of the most important facial features in youth as well as in the adult. In fact, we often don’t even know that we get into the jawline of a person, especially when looking at them directly. The jaw forms the “shape” of the face, the oval face, the round face, or the angular face. The eye naturally follows the curvature of the face unconsciously, so it is important to have an attractive face that has a jaw. Someone who realizes the small chin, or the “heavy round” or “double chin” face, has really noticed the jawline augmentation in Iran not being defined.

Jawline augmentation in Iran basically consists of three parts – the front of the jaw, called the “chin”. The middle part of the jaw is called the “body” (including the back of the tooth). And behind the jaw, the “angle” is called the jaw angle. One or all of these areas can be deficient, so anatomic areas must be considered for proper refining of the jaw to appear natural. After all, the chin is often underdeveloped in most people, but it only gives a jaw shape.

While many of them spend thousands of dollars to correct their jawline in their home countries, some people buy air travel tickets to Iran, book a five-star hotel and give their face to Iranian specialist surgeons. And there is still money left for it. Save or ruin a valid purchase. It’s up to you to join any of them. Whether man or woman, no one likes the jaw or the weak jaw. That’s why people are looking for ways to strengthen and improve their jaws.

Jaw Augmentation in Iran, However, when it comes to beauty, the budget becomes a determining factor. This is where the phenomenon of medical tourism enters, where treatment is abandoned in your home country.

Jaw Augmentation in Iran is actually an opportunity for those looking for cheaper services. But some destinations are best suited to provide specific steps. A good example is Iran, which has become a reliable destination for receiving a variety of cosmetic procedures including maxillofacial surgery. So, if you want to make your jaw progress in Iran, here are all the details you need to know about this treatment, its costs, how to do it in Iran, and more.

Why to Choose Iran?

This growth is on the rise, and a new region, cosmetic tourism, has emerged as the country grows among countries that have a high rate of plastic surgery, especially cosmetic surgery. Nowadays, Iran is crowned as the projected working capital of the world. In general, there are 3 main reasons why people complain about cosmetic/medical procedures in Iran: doctors, medical expenses, and facilities.

In the first place, you can imagine that the cheapest treatment is the main reason for considering the country for the country. However, none of our patients have mentioned this as their motive. This country has attracted the people first of all because of its strong base of skilled and experienced surgeons. In addition, despite being a developing country, hospitals, clinics, and health centers provide excellent services to patients just like they would in a developed country.

Jaw Augmentation in Iran is performed under general anesthesia by performing incisions in the mouth and inserting the produced jaws into the desired jaw shape. After implants are placed against the jawbone behind the master muscle and held in place with titanium screws, the incisions are closed in layers to prevent fluid from entering the mouth into the wound. Jaw Augmentation in Iran usually takes about 1-2 hours.

Cost of Jawline Augmentation in Iran

The price of your jaw surgery depends on the way you want to do it. Maxillofacial surgery or jaw implantation in Iran costs about $ 3,500. But strengthening your jaw with skin fillers will cost you about $ 200 to $ 500 (1000 cc). However, the cost of maxillofacial surgery in many countries, such as the US, starts at $ 8,000 and goes up to $ 15,000 or more.

Jawline Augmentation in Iran, Is the Best Choice

Despite the fact that you think a cheap treatment is the main reason why Iranian patients consider cosmetic surgery, it is a strong base of skilled and experienced Iranian surgeons that attracts people first and foremost. In addition, modern hospitals, clinics, and health centers in major cities of the country are equipped with the latest technologies and facilities and provide excellent services to patients just like they would in a developed country. Also, the Affordable cost of Jaw Surgery costs in Iran like other surgeries in this country, is a very compelling reason for health tourists to come to Iran for their surgeries. Also, the presence of specialized doctors, with successful operations, is another reason for tourists to come to Iran for a variety of surgeries.

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